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Psychology of Gift Giving

Psychology of Gift Giving

Psychology of Gift Giving

One of the biggest concerns for anyone who is willing to buy or receive gifts is his or her emotions. This set of feelings are not only natural but give way to the psychological system which adheres to the happiness trait. Either you feel it or ignore it. Moreover, the act of gif giving is not new. Back in the day when ice cream made its way into society, people had it covered under gift giving. They not only managed to buy it for the dessert but also got it to thanksgiving and dinner meals at people’s houses to make it special for anyone having it. And, that was the day when things got real around gifts and different types and sort of presents. But, have you been thinking about the psychology of gift giving?

People have been buying gifts for centuries now. It is a sensuous, admiring, inspiring, and giving act that does not disappoint a bit. During the festive season, when you buy something for the one you love or the one who is in dire need, it gets precious for you and allows you to contribute to the cause of someone else’s experience and happiness. In simpler terms, you contribute to someone’s smile and raw emotions. So, what do you feel about it, and when you decide on it, how do you go about it? It’s as simple as it gets. 

The Significance of Gifts

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Be it Valentine’s Day or Children’s Day, the act of surprising people with some of the best gift-giving options is something you need to start working on.

To reinforce and build relationships


We often present gifts to establish or re-confirm the connection with other people, which simply means that they happen to be a reflection of both the recipient and giver and their distinctive relationship. Presenting a specific gift to some individual we tend to care about enables us to convey the emotion or feelings and our appreciation for not only everyone but them. In fact, some sociologists think that we only give gifts to people we want relationships with. Experts recommend that the psychology of gift giving is such that if someone avoids taking gifts from you, he or she does not want to carry on with the relationship or they do not understand the rawness of the moment.

A way of conveying devotion and love

In a way or another, presents are utilized to symbolize devotion and love between two people, which coincides with symbolic interactionism’s theory. The theory argues that individuals tend to communicate through symbol usage. Let’s take, for instance, what do people usually buy for their special ones while trying to express devotion, respect, or love? The go-to thing in it tends to be in the shape of flowers since you can interpret it or symbolize emotions of love with nothing but fragrant beauty. Such is the psychology of gift giving.

Symbolic communication

Have you ever received a gift filled with joy and numerous other unsaid words? Or the thing might be that you have been quite unlucky to receive something or the other that has left you feeling upset and deflated since it did not live up to your expectations. However, why would such an action irritate you in the first place? It’s the mere thought that really counts and over everything, that is enough to disappoint you at times. If you look deeper into the existential matter, it might be because we tend to attach the symbolic meaning to gift-giving. Such a situation simply implies that a present you are not attached with or represent can be thought upon as thoughtless even if it carries altruistic motives.

To get something in return

Since gifts tend to represent a specific desire or emotion to cement or build your relationship with a second person, they hold the potentiality of reciprocation or acknowledgment. One of the contemporary sociologists, Dimitri Mortelmans, happens to argue that giving gifts creates a balance of debts. So, in order to prevent any sort of ill feelings, you need to repay by giving gifts. This simply creates a cycle of giving presents to people from whom you might have received gifts every now or then. When you reciprocate gifts, it should hold an equal value or anywhere around it. When you overbuy, this can make the other person feel embarrassed or cause an unusual emotion.

Final Thoughts

The art of buying and giving gifts is nothing but a psychological statement for anyone who is at the sender or receiver end. When you buy, you get excited about the people who are going to receive it. And, when you are at the receiver’s end, you tend to think about what is coming your way. Either way, you experience the rawness of every emotion you tend to encounter. The psychology of gift giving is true to every nature. You either experience it or do not know anything about it. So, when you make it work, make sure you assist the gifts with either a meal or a movie. It tends to leave a significant mark on anyone on the receiver’s end. So, what are you waiting for? Get going, and order some beautiful gifts from none other than Geek Monkey.

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