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5 Amazing Retirement Gift Ideas for Dad

5 Amazing Retirement Gift Ideas for Dad

Dad’s are always our superheroes. They keep their children and family in mind and work hard for their well being. Many of us spend a lot of time every year on what to gift him on his birthday.

Dad is the person who taught us how to drive, who played catches in our backyard and who made us strong by being strict with us sometimes.

Retirement is the occasion where he decides to take back seat and let you run and be responsible for the family.

As a good son/daughter you will definitely do your best to give him all the emotional support but he needs some love and appreciation from his family too, especially on this day of his life.

There are many retirement gift ideas one can get to present his dad. Finding a gift for one’s father is quite easy as we know our parents taste.

Give a gift which on your dad’s retirement day which he will cherish for the entire lifetime. The gift should give him the enthusiasm to live and enjoy the second innings of his life. He should be happy to receive such gift from you….

Now that it sounds a bit harder let us help you with a few good retirement gift ideas for dad.

#1 A Trip to Remember

He is the one who sacrificed a lot of things in his life to fulfill our needs. Do you know that your dad and mom may have missed a trip together just to pay one of your fees? Gift him with a trip for his lifetime.

Each time he reminisces the memories of his trip he will remember that it’s a gift from his dearest kids. A man who was busy earning for his family for many years and keeping aside his interests must get some time for himself with his wife.

This is the best way to start their second innings of life. Surprise him with tickets to his favorite destination and see a never fading smile on his face.
If your father loves to spend some time with his long lost friends it’s always a good idea to plan a trip along with them.

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#2 Photos and Collages

Memories when revisited often gives a sense of happiness and satisfaction. Especially for the person aged 60, memories are all he has to treasure.
Make a collage of some of your favorite photos with your dad and family. Gift pack it and surprise him on the day of his retirement.
Contact his friends and collect some pictures from them too…

#3 Get Together with Near and Dear

What can be more lovely gift them a good get together with family and friends…Keeping his 60 years of life in the form of family and friends is one of the best gifts ever…Yes! It needs a lot of effort, as finding your dads friends and making them come on that day is quite a challenge. Your dad worth it all and maybe more too. This could be the best retirement gift for father.

#4 Personalized or Themed Coffee Mug

Is your dad a coffee addict? You can give him a coffee mug with all your family pictures on it, or if he loves adventures and being quirky there are many websites which have different coffee mugs. This is a cheap but lovely retirement gifts ideas for dad from son in India.
Imagine your dad getting up and having a cup of coffee in the cup presented by you…
He will remember you every morning with a smile on his face and you can always accompany him with another cup whenever home. Those conversations must always be treasured.

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#5 GOT Themed Gifts

Is your father a great fan of Got series like many? Then GOT themed goodies to make lovely gifts for him. Surprise him with a goodie related to GOT series everywhere in the house on that day. Remember when you were surprised the same way in your childhood with many soft toys or toys. This will also make his recall all those moments with you in your childhood.

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Memories come into his mind and smile on his face…
After 60 years you have to treat your parents the same way as they did when you are a child.
They are difficult to handle sometimes but all we need is tolerance and love towards them.

Care, love, and admiration are the best gift parents can get from their kids at that stage of their life.

Life is a circle where everything repeats when we respect our parents and make some efforts for their smile, we get the same form our children.

GeekMonkey is the website where you can find more retirement gift ideas for your dad.

They have the quirkiest gifts and gifts which can take him back in the memory lane.
All we need at the end is a smile on our parent’s face.

What is the best retirement gifts for dad?

Depends on what kind of man your father is. If he is religious and loves to listen to devotional music, Shemaroo’s pre-recorded bhajan vani and Bhagavat geeta is a great gift.
If you would like to gift something that reminds him of his journey and the leisurely days to come, you can gift a string art that can be fully customized based on your need.
retirement gifts for dadretirement gifts for dad

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