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Why is it important to celebrate friendship day?

Why is it important to celebrate friendship day?

Why is it important to celebrate friendship day?

This world is big. We are just tiny little individuals on the planet living our lives day by day. In this crazy world full of challenges and celebrations, friends are our constant support systems. You might be an introvert or an extrovert, everyone finds someone or the other in whom they can confide their secrets and feelings. It is an old saying that a friend in need is a friend indeed. The saying might have twisted up a bit in the current scenario but as a matter of fact, a best friend is definitely the one that sticks along through thicks and thins. Thus, this pure and beautiful relation should always be cherished for which you should celebrate friendship day.


It is always important to get things right when your friends are your last resort. Furthermore, friendship day is one of the pivotal days that can leave a huge impact on your friends and relationships. As a result, your friends will love whatever you have planned for the special day. And, if you are thinking of something else, do not forget to get in touch with the team at Geek Monkey.

Where did the idea come from?

The concept of celebrating friendship day was given by Joyce Hal who is the founder of Hallmark Cards. This was in 1920. But, there was no specific term coined for it then. Later, in 1958 the term “Friendship Day” was coined. A foundation was also given a start which was known as The World Foundation Crusade. It was now a thing to celebrate friendship day.

The crusade tried for years to convince the General Assembly of the United States to recognize 30th July as an International friendship day. After years of persuasion, in 2011, the UN finally declared 30th July as an international friendship day. Various parts of the world celebrate friendship day on different days. If you are an Indian, you and your best friend shall celebrate friendship day on the first Sunday of August.

Significance of Friendship day celebrations

Friendship is important for all of us. Celebrating the same with your friends bring harmony and love. It gives the motive to build good relations and to strengthen the bond in your existing friendship. Friends are our go-to person. Every time we have super exciting news to share we grab our phones to call our best friend. Not just this, every time we trap ourselves into a situation that we cannot tell anyone, our best friend comes for the rescue. These friends can be anyone close to you.

Some even have their parents as their closest friends, while some have their siblings. Many people even find the closest bonds in strangers. So why not give this beautiful bond a day of appreciation and celebration? Let’s create some amazing memories through this day to let your best friend know how much you love them.  Celebrate friendship day by giving the most memorable gifts which your best friend will cherish all her life.

  • Gifts: Another amazing way of showing your love to the close ones is by sending them some memorable gifts to them on this special day. This can be something that they have been wanting for a while or maybe something different and unique that you want them to keep. Every time they look at that gift, you and the memory of friendship day will refresh their mind.

How to celebrate friendship day?

Well, some of you might struggle with ideas of how you can make this day special. May it be that one closest friend or a huge group of friends, every individual deserves equal importance. Following are a few exciting ways through which you can celebrate friendship day and make it a memorable one:


  • Bands: The most followed tradition of friendship day all these years is the friendship band. A band that is tightly worn to signify your love and affection for your best friend. Just to do something different, you can even opt for a customized friendship band with you and your best friend’s name or initials are written on it.
  • Cards: This is also a very beautiful way of expressing your love. Cards are evergreen and are memorable always. You can make your own card or get one customized or just buy one that you love for your best friend.
  • Movie: Since the pandemic is going on, we cannot really go to movie halls and spend some quality time outside. But there is a better way to it. You can shortlist a movie that is being premiered on the digital platform and watch it with your best friend with a bowl of popcorn in your cozy pajamas.
  • Good Food: Dining out is yet another thing that we all are avoiding these days. So you can simply order food online and celebrate friendship day with tasty food at home with your best friend. You can even cook together and spend quality time enjoying each other’s company to build some beautiful memories of the day.


Thus, value every friend that you have in your life as they are indeed a blessing in disguise. Make them feel special and loved by celebrating friendship day with them in the most amazing way possible.

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