Handcrafted Gold Foil 3D Painting – Ram Darbar

MRP: Rs 1400 (Incl. of all taxes)


1. What is the weight of gold leaf ?

Price of gold foil is figured by purity and size instead of weight. GeekMonkey scavenges through hundreds of option to select only the best quality products for you.

2. What is gold leaf/foil ?

Gold foil is heat-formed by both handmade and machine 2 steps. Being processed by extra creative 10 procedures, diversified gold foil accomplish our abundant product series.

3. What is Gold Craft Art ?

Every Gold art starts from handmade drawing. And, following every steps including choosing, cutting, grinding, polishing, rolling, rapping, shaping and sticking is handmade as well.

4. Will the color stay ?

Color of gold stays forever. Only low-purity gold leaf becomes black.

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