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Best Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas

When it comes to deciding gifts for your partner on the eve of Valentine’s Day, it always tends to get difficult. Why, because you want the gift to be a special and memorable one. This might leave you in a situation where you have to decide that perfect present for him or her. Well, it does sound easy but in fact, it is one of the most complexes of situations to be in. Pleasing your wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend is a very difficult task on a Valentine’s Day. Even if he/she does not want any gift from you, it does not mean that it can be avoided. Nobody says that they want a gift, yet it is an understood statement.

What comes to your mind, when you think or talk about Valentine’s Day? It is the day where we express our love and gratitude towards our partner with surprises and valuable gifts. For any couple, it is the most prestigious day to embark on a beautiful journey and remind themselves who they are together. So, if you are planning on giving the same old standard gift to your loved one, do not do that. Stop right there, and think of something unique for him/her. You do not want to ruin your partner’s mood first thing in the morning. Spend some time to search for Valentine’s Day gifts for husband or Valentine gifts for wife.

Ideas to leave your loved ones surprised on Valentines Day

Valentines Day gifts can be given to your loved one at any point in time, no matter whether you are married, committed for a few years, in a new relationship or at any other stage. As long as the love for your partner remains true, making Valentine’s Day, that falls on the 14th February, extra special for your girlfriend/wife or boyfriend/husband with unique and creative gifts from Geekmonkey will let your love blossom all the more.

A box of chocolates, a photo frame with an adorable photo of the two of you, a personalized coffee mug, a nice dress, watch, a cool gadget or smartphone and more such gifts always manage to do the trick. Buy the quirkiest Valentine’s Day gifts online right here!

Looking for the Best Gift Ideas for Your sweetheart 

Find them on Geekmonkey. Valentine’s Day means a get together of lovers. They come together to celebrate the essence of love and romance with some beautiful gifts for each other which surely keeps their spirits at an all-time high. Valentine’s Day holds more meaning to married couples because they have moved a notch higher in their love graph by tying the knot of eternity with each other. When you have to wish your lover seated miles away from you, just log in to our website and make your long distance relationship a beautiful journey of love and emotions. Get a message bottle and jot down reasons to love him/her in the scroll inside as the Valentine gift this year and strengthen the bond.

Valentines day is all about showing your Love!

When love and romance is all around and minutes are loaded with a huge affection, your valentine gifts to your sweetheart will make it more delightful. With the extent of romantic blessings, right at your fingertip, simply compose another chapter in your book of sentimental stories by getting your Valentine greeting alongside faultless endowments conveyed anyplace on the planet.

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When you end up doing something special for your husband or wife, it is appreciated and acknowledged. Moreover, it leaves quite a mark on your partner’s mind. This simply means how much you invest in making efforts towards finding the best present for him/her. You can either take them out or can plan a surprise to add colors to this beautiful and prestigious day of love. If you are looking for the best valentine’s gifts for him or the 1st Valentine’s Day gift for husband, then you are at the right place. We have listed the nine best gifts that you can gift him or her on this Valentine’s Day.

One in a Million Mosaic Photo Frame – Customised Design

In all the moments that we have spent with our loved ones, we end up cherishing them all. It is quite difficult for us at times to select the best memory out of it all, because every second spent with your partner is a special one. There are times when we think of freezing one particular memory in our mind. That one memory that is considered to be above all. Well, if you are thinking about the 1st valentine gift for husband, do not stress out even for a single second.

The One in a Million Mosaic Photo Frame is a perfect tribute to that memory of yours with him. All the ladies have an opportunity of selecting one such picture that stands apart. Then all they have to do is, put it inside a mosaic that already has so many pictures of you. To get started you can select between 20-30 pictures and send them. All the selected pictures are then put in the frame in the shape of a mosaic. And then, combine all of those to come up with one beautiful picture of both of you. It will leave an instant impact on your husband and will let him know how much these memories mean to you. This one in a million mosaic photo frame is considered as one of the most amazing Valentine’s Day gifts for him. Not only can you surprise him with it on Valentine’s Day, but can also place it in your living room or hang it on the wall.

Gloriously Golden Sheet Earrings

Whenever Valentine’s Day is around, as a husband or a boyfriend, it makes you think what to gift her. And, why does that happen? Be it a wife or girlfriend, she loves it when something special is done for her by her partner. So, if you are thinking about making this day a memorable one for her, do not do the ordinary. Celebrate your love and make her feel special.

If you are running out of valentine gifts for wife, think of one such gift that would be adored by her. Regardless of an occasion, just know that females love fancy earrings. And, when one such gift comes on a special day, it adds more lovely colours to the moments. These Gloriously Golden Sheet Earrings are not the regular studs that you see around you. They are as unpredictable as anything around you. These earrings have a golden colour and are soothing to eyes.

It is often said that if you happen to gift beautiful earrings to your partner, be assured of one thing – A lot of love is coming your way. Wives and girlfriends just love them. So, tomorrow if you are thinking of buying a pair then these go for these and make it an experience you both would remember for a lifetime.

Luminous Lotus Adjustable Ring

What comes to your mind when you think about buying a ring for your partner? Well, the beauty of emotions running through her face. A ring indeed welcomes all the hidden emotions to life and makes her fall in love with you all over again. Standard rings might not be an option now, but you can always go for fancy rings with flowers and other soothing aspects of nature. An option that you can clearly go for is Luminous Lotus Adjustable Ring.

This comes from the brand Little Birdie and is handcrafted to make it look even more amazing. It has soothing ethos attached, which will give your partner the nature-effect. We all know, how much women love such gifts. So, grab this opportunity on this Valentine’s Day and bring home this beautiful nature-inspired Lotus Ring.

Benevolent Butterfly Necklace

A woman’s wardrobe is either filled with her dress collection or jewellery. It would be an understatement if we only say that women have something for different kinds of jewelries. Individual piece for specific dresses. With Valentine’s Day looming over your heads, it would be advisable if you bring home a necklace that she does not own. Benevolent Butterfly Necklace is one of the best Valentine gifts for wife.

This necklace tends to radiate dreamy and prismatic energies, making the moment even more beautiful than before. Made out of metal and rhinestone, the necklace does justice to your love. Not only do you have an option of going for this present, but you also have an option of selecting from two different colours. Surprise her, have her eyes closed, and make her wear it on a beautiful candle-light dinner. Let the occasion and gift speak for themselves.

S460 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones / Headsets with Mic

The love for devices and technology is an old thing for men. They seem to love devices as much as they love their partners. It might sound a little bit funny but that is the truth. Many would suggest that his wife or girlfriend should rather go for something else. But, nearly all men love such electronic equipment. When it comes to musical devices, husbands and boyfriends become vulnerable. This vulnerability is loved by them. So, if you are thinking of gifting them headsets, do not waste even a single second.

If your partner is a gamer or a YouTuber, headphones/headsets with a mic are his best buddies. These things cannot be done without the help of headsets. It is an unorthodox present for your male partners but trust us, it does wonders. You can bring home S460 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones/Headsets and surprise him with this Valentine’s Day gift. The headphones have a 2m long wire and fit over your ears. As it is quite light in weight, you can carry them whenever on the go. This gift comes under one of the most stunning Valentine’s Day gifts for boyfriend and husbands.

DSLR Camera Lens Coffee Mug

Nobody in this world seems to dislike coffee. Some people tend to like tea and some have their heads around coffee. It is often being said that ones who love coffee are completely addicted to it. They cannot live without having a taste of it every now and then.

Is your husband/boyfriend a photographer, and loves to expand his photography kit? Then, on this Valentine’s Day, you have a chance of opting for a DSLR Camera Lens Coffee Mug for him. When he will unwrap the gift, he would not know the difference between an actual camera lens and this mug. It is made with utmost attention to detail, so that the mug resembles the lens. This mug has a ribbed exterior that helps the mug to have a comfortable and firm grip. If you are thinking about how strong this mug is, do not hassle. It can store hot beverages such as tea, coffee and cold drinks or can be filled with cold ones like cold drinks, juices, milkshakes and smoothies. It is a tough mug and keeps the temperature of the beverage consistent for quite an amount of time.

Choosing a perfect gift for your husband could be exciting and exhausting as the very same time. If you know what his passion revolves around, this will make your life a lot easier. Isn’t it? So, if it is your husband’s first Valentine’s Day with you, bring home the 1st Valentine’s Day gift for husband. Make him feel special in every way possible.

Light Up Message Box (A4)

A message that changes your life is a gift that no one can ever forget. We tend to think about presents that will change the face of our relationship forever. One such moment is a proposal of marriage to your partner. With Valentine’s Day coming close, you can plan a beautiful proposal in the form of a gift for your partner. Not only will it allow you to opt for a beautiful present but the gift will speak wonders for you.

Light Up Message Box lights up your room and life at the very same time. Ask her out on this memorable day with the help of this message box and make every second of this day count. This board gives you a nostalgic feeling as it’s made like an old cinema board used for advertisement. White background with Black lettered text on it. With this message box, you will receive letters, symbols and numbers to customize the message you want to deliver. You can either hang it on the wall with a beautiful message for your partner or can place it on a desk to brighten the surrounding’s ethos. Remember, this is one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for him.

On The Go Computer Travel Backpack

Men keep all their things in one place, be it his laptop, watch, chargers or other useful belongings. What can be the best gift you could bring home for him on this Valentine’s Day? Well, it is an all-in-one, on-the-go backpack that could hold each one of these things at once and with ease.

If you happen to feel that your husband is in desperate need of a new backpack, do not waste even a single second. The backpack is reckoned as one of the most amazing Valentine’s Day gifts for husband. This backpack is crafted and made of wool, poly material with vinyl accents. It also features different compartments to accommodate all your personal and digital essentials.

Book Your Own Private Theatre

Have you been saving the best movie to watch with your partner on a special day? Quite often we choose to watch specific movies with our partners and wait for the right moment. If the answer is yes, then on this Valentine’s Day book your own private theatre. On this day, create an experience that he/she will cherish for the rest of the lives.

Select the movie you have been saving till now, and the best pictures of both of you with a personalized message. After you have selected them, you have an opportunity to create a slideshow with the text before the movie begins. If this is the first Valentine’s Day for your boyfriend or husband with you, then what would be better than this? The private screening of your favorite movie is one of the best Valentine’s gifts for him.

These days the level of personalisation has increased and partners are going for customisable gifts. Not only do these options provide a surprise but they also stand out. In this modern world where everything has become so easier to get, a lovely gift for your partner is hard to find and buy. So, even the smallest effort is appreciated by your partner.

Most of us tend to forget the importance of such a day or an occasion. This day is more about celebrating love and friendship that you share with him/her. One of the most amazing Valentine’s Day gifts for boyfriend or girlfriend simply shows the level of respect you both share between each other. So, make the month of February an experience of a lifetime, and celebrate every moment you spend with him/her during this course of time. We hope the gifts mentioned above help you in every possible on this Valentine’s Day.