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Create Special Moments with Awesome Birthday Gifts from GeekMonkey

Birthdays are always special and what makes it more special are birthday gifts, because it is the day when our family members, relatives, and friends remember us, and express their heartfelt greetings. It is the day for enjoying grand celebrations with our near and dear ones.

Birthday Gifts from GeekMonkey can help you in beautifully expressing your love, gratitude, and affection to your friend, or your relative, on their birthdays. We offer a wide range of interesting products that you can find only on our website.

Personalize It – Add Your Own Special Touch

What’s more, we offer the option for personalizing some of the select products on our collections. You can add images and beautiful quotes to give them your personal touch.No one can resist the joy or receiving personalized items. Your efforts will surely fill their heart with happiness and joy, and make their day, a memorable one. 

To help you have enjoyable shopping experience on our website, we have listed our products under different categories. Don’t forget to check out our ‘New Arrivals’ for some of the latest birthday gifts available in the market today.

Gifting is Ageless:

Age has nothing to do with the excitement that we feel whenever we receive gifts from others on our birthdays. Regardless of old or how young you are, the very sight of presents bring a big smile on our faces.

The joy of giving is something that cannot be described in words. People simply love it, when you remember their special day, and arrange for the gift in advance. They will remember your wonderful gesture, and cherish your relationship forever.

There is no better way to surprise your loved ones, than by having a lovely Token of Love delivered to their doorstep.

We offer some of the most innovative and quirky birthday gifts for men, women, and kids.

To help you in choosing the right products,we have categorized them according to what people do, or what they love to do.You can shop for the best birthday products, depending on the personality of your recipient.

We have categorized some of the most interesting and quirky goodies according to types of people like movie lovers, tech savvy people, creative people, fashion lovers, party animals, travelers, and lots more. You will find exactly the right kind of stuff that will brighten up the day for your loved ones.

Great Deals and Discounts on Birthday Gifts:

 To make it even sweeter for you, we regularly offer discount coupons. You get the best deals on purchases that you make on our website. The best thing about shopping for birthday gifts at GeekMonkey is that our products are available for a wide range of prices, thereby making it suitable for any kind of budget that you are willing to spend.

If you are missing your friend or your family member on their birthday, and if are unable to visit him or her in person, you can still show how much you care, by sending a present our website. We will make sure that it reaches them on time.

Special gifts collections for birthday girls:

You must check out our ‘Gifts for Her’ section, to find some of the latest creations that you can present to your girlfriend or your spouse. We offer a wide range of exciting items that are exclusively designed for girls and women.

All Car Lovers Love Bobble Heads:

You will be surely interested in checking out the bobble head collections on our website. Bobble heads make a great gifting item for those who love their cars. Whenever they go out on a drive, your present will not fail to bring a smile on their face. We provide a wide range of bobble head selections for the most reasonable costs.

Returns And Refunds –

One of the main reasons why our customers keep coming back to our website for more is because we value their requirements. Geekmonkey believe in building long term business relationships with our valued customers. We offer straight forward 7 days return and refund policy. You can always read our returns and refund policy.

Pan India Shipping –

We are strategically tied up with top shipping companies like DTDC, FedEx, Blue Dart, Indian Post, and many others to ensure quick delivery of purchased items to our customers. The deliveries should typically reach the address given by you in 3 to 5 days. It might take a couple of days more for shipping products to remote places.

Cash On Delivery

in addition to other payment options like net banking, Paytm, and debit or credit cards, we also offer COD option on most of our products. You can get even better deals with cash back offers on select payment types.

Personalized Gift –

Nothing can be better than sending personalized goodies to people on their birthday. It makes them feel really special, because you have sent them something that is exclusively designed for them. Many of our products like clocks and lamps, speakers, photo frames, key-chains, etc, can be personalized with the images and wordings of your choice.

Corporate Birthday Gifts

Promotional corporate gifts also make an excellent choice for celebrating birthdays of employees. You can add your company logo and the picture of your employee, and present it to the person on his or her birthday. These types of products also work as excellent promotional items, which will keep promoting your company. It is an effective practice to boost productivity and employee morale of your business.


Best Deals at GeekMonkey – The Best Online Gift Store!!!

You will be truly delighted for choosing GeekMonkey as you are online gift shop, because we offer some of the most unique products that are not available elsewhere. Our products are the efforts of some of the most talented artists and craftsmen from all across India. If you wish to make your loved one feel cherished and special on their birthday, then you will surely find the best products on our website.

We Wish Happy Birthday to Your Loved One In Advance!!!

10 Amazing Birthday Gifts Ideas

There are many ways to celebrate important occasions, but birthdays are special. This is the one and only occasion that makes you celebrate like a kid and why not? It is your birthday after all. Usually, people like to throw a party at the end of the day to celebrate their birthdays and some of us just sit at home. But, it is really important to know that parties throw an immediate impact on you. Not because of the expenses involved in it, but happiness. Yes, happiness is the key to such events and occasions and birthday gifts are absolutely important.

Different people go for different plans but there is one thing that remains the same – Gifts.

These are one of those important parts of birthday parties. Be it big or small, the gift still manages to make you smile. So, if you are thinking of gifting something to your friend, partner, parents, siblings or someone you know, do not hold yourself back. There are tons of birthday gifts ideas and how to select the gift for the one who is celebrating the day. Well, when you have us, do not waste your time anywhere else. We have 10 of the most breathtaking gift ideas for birthdays. Have a look below:


Did you read donut? Yes, that is true. Donut mugs for donut lovers. Many of us just love even its name and get tempted by it. You can gift this Dreamy Donut Mug to make his/her day. If you are not amazed by the name, have a look at some of the features of this mug. These donut-inspired mugs have an attractive glaze effect along with alluring sprinkler design.  This ceramic-made mug is a great example of what amazing gift ideas look like. Not only does this gift make an instant impact on your loved one, but it also creates a permanent place in his/her heart. 

So, if you are thinking of gifting this item, do not give it a second thought

Whenever you look for birthday gifts, you want it to be different. You don’t want to gift things that your friend already has. At times this situation leaves us a bit lost, but do not worry. The best way to make your friend feel happy and encouraged is by gifting the Scratch Map. These days everyone loves to travel and what a gift this would be for them. By the help of this map, your friends can easily keep a track of their travel plans and scratch the areas or countries they have been to. Well, how does this gift urge someone? If they haven’t been travelling, this map will start them off.

We often look for occasions like birthdays to gift something that the other person does not have or what he/she requires. You can also gift your friends Another important thing, be it a girl or a boy, is a bedside pocket. This might look a bit standard at first but trust us, it is that part of the bedroom, which is as important as anything. With the help of the essentials pocket, your friend can keep his/her bedside essentials handy. 

He/she can simply slide the flap of the pocket between the mattress and foundation or under the couch cushion. This Bedside Essentials Pocket holds everything from remote controls to books. This is one of the best birthday gift ideas you can think of.

Are you facing certain difficulties in gifting your partner something she will love and adore? Well, do not think much. Try and go for something basic and make it personalized, so that your partner ends up loving it. All Heart Necklace is an elegant gift for your sweetheart. It features two silver sterling disks, a gold heart, hitched to the sterling chain. You also have a space on the sterling disks to write your names on. This makes the gift personalized and toasts everything that binds you both together. This necklace adds an oomph factor that might be missing in other gifts. So, on her birthday, gift her nothing but the All Heart Necklace.

Stressing over what to buy for your relative or family member on his/her birthday? This might be the most difficult decision for you, but do not over think yet. We have an easy solution for all your worries. While everyone loves to paint, this might just be the right gift for your family members or relatives. This Oil Painting consists of beautiful art that comes in two options. The first option is ‘Lady with the Violin’ whereas the second option is ‘Rainy Street Scene’. 

By now you must be thinking if it is easy to do oil painting. Well, do not think twice before gifting this item as you have numbers marked on the canvas for easy painting.

Skin care comes at the top of our priority list whenever we think about buying something for ourselves. You can ease this situation by buying such a gift for your loved ones, and make them know that you care about them. Go for a Bulb Shaped Humidifier which is a modern trend-setting mist diffuser and is even powered by a USB cable. This item can be used as a personal atomizer, humidifier, air purifier and moisturizer, making it a perfect gift. All you have to do is click the key to turn the spray mode one.

It is important to know that this bulb-shaped humidifier falls under exceptional birthday gift ideas anyone can think of.

When it comes to birthday gifts for family members, we often miss out on the most important things. Happiness and gifts are two that make an instant mark. Always remember, a family is beyond everything when it comes to life. So, their gifts have to be the best of the lot. A Family Pebble Portrait is one of those gifts that bring a smile instantly whenever you look at it. 

This is one item that is inspired by nature and its emotions. It is made out of pebbles found on seashores and pieces of a small wood. Family Pebble Portrait is an organic gift that celebrates life and adds beautiful colors and ethos to the wall of your home.

Is it your husband’s birthday, and you do not know what to gift him? Well, spend some time thinking out of the box. Think about what he likes to drink, what he likes to wear and which team does he support? These questions are necessary as they draw out the best gift for your husband.

Eye Glasses Holder is one gift that will leave your husband excited and love you even more than yesterday. This hand-carved wooden holder is perfect for his glasses whenever he is not using them. Be it on the bed or just lying around the room, you can rest his glasses on the holder, keeping it safe and sound.

Do you have a kid at home whose birthday is coming close, and you have no clue of what to gift him/her? Buying gifts for children can be a lot tricky as it may sound. You can please adults easily with gifts but convincing small kids and children is a hard job to do. If you are finding it difficult then go with the essential gifts, but do not forget to add variations in it. Shoe Stationery Holder might do the job for you as kids love fancy stationery holders. This holder comes with exceptional quality canvas and comes in different colors from which you can choose the best for the kid.

Shoe Stationery Holder is one of the best birthday gift ideas for any kid. Not only can this holder store more stationery, but kids can also store their spectacles in it.

Isn’t it amazing when we think about going out on a trip? Well, out of this tidy list of amazing birthday gifts, one such idea that stands out is a Road Trip. And, if you can present it as a gift to your friend, loved one or your family member, it will be beyond anything special. So, choose a plan, be it a long drive or a long road trip. Get the plan and itinerary ready through amazing tour operators and gift it to your buddy or any of your loved one whose birthday is coming closer. We assure you, it will be a welcoming surprise for the one celebrating his/her birthday.

Bring a Smile

We all know that birthdays are filled with joy, laughter, emotions and what not? Even if we are adults, we still unwrap our gifts like kids and get happy whenever we receive them. Such is the impact of gifts on us. A special and valuable birthday gift always makes a mark, but even more that, selecting one such gift is vital. For that, we have made it easier for you with our list of 10 amazing Birthday Gifts Ideas mentioned above. So get going, wrap that lovely gift to bring a smile on your loved ones’ face.