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Best Bagels In The Streets of Manhattan

The best days of the week are Fridays. There is nothing people look forward to more than Fridays. Wait, maybe I typed that too fast. There’s another thing that folks look forward to and those are bagels. Every day can be your Friday if you have a bagel right by your side. And there is no bagel that can beat a Manhattan bagel. If you are someone who likes to travel and has plans to fly to New York, you must visit the bagel capital – Manhattan and if you are wondering which place to choose to try bagels from, you have made the right stop. Here is a list of places where you will not regret shelling out your dollars.


  • Absolute Bagels

Slightly bigger than its peers, the Absolute bagels are a treat not just for the mouth but also for the eyes. They are delicious and waiting in line for your turn can seem like a punishment to your olfactory. This fine bagel establishment found on the Upper West Side of New York Street has been serving locals and people from around the world for years. 

The crunchy crust with lightly baked insides is a must-try. They come in 16 varieties with a long list of toppings, tofutti, and meat options. Trust me, the bagels in themselves are also just fine.


  1. Zucker’s Bagels

With the popularity, I guess it’s safe to say that Zucker’s bagels are a staple food of Lower Manhattan in New York City. Hand Rolling their bagels since 1994 and serving people for so long without the slightest dip in their bagel taste has what made this name come up to this list. 

Famous for its hand-rolled and kettle-boiled bagels and smoked fish, this is a must-try place. They make their own bagels from scratch every morning just like the old-fashioned way and give it a creative twist by adding seeds on both sides of the bagel. 


2.Russ & Daughters

This Jewish bagel shop is one of the popular landmarks in New York. Founded in 1914, this quintessential bagel shop is a must-try. Though you might have to wait in a long line before your turn comes, these Manhattan bagels are all worth the wait. 

The bagels here are soft as cotton and chewy. They come with a variety in toppings, from cream cheese to different varieties of smoked fish.


 3.Tompkins Square Bagels

If you want to start or end your day with a good amount of sugar in your mouth then Tompkins bagels are the place for you. Found on 165th Avenue in New York, this Manhattan place is always bustling with customers trying their bagels. 

The once-famous rainbow bagel which blew up on the internet and spammed your social media feed is also on the menu here. The bagels here are fresh and soft and you can actually see your bagels being made while you wait for your order. 

4. H & H Bagels

Though the original shop of H & H shut down in 2011, the Upper East Side continues to make some of its famous bagels in the most traditional manner. The traditional bagels here are made from scratch. They are first boiled in a kettle and only after bathing them in cold water are they baked. 

Living up to the original H & H shop and its tagline, “ Like No Other Bagel In The World “ is not easy but the new shops of H & H are doing just fine. You will still see long lines before the shop and people waiting just as eagerly as they used to before.


5. Ess-a-Bagel

Ess-a-Bagels are one of the best bagels in Manhattan. It is so famous that it is one of the renowned food landmarks in Manhattan. Apart from having three bagel outlets in Manhattan itself, they have another in Dumbo. The crowd is heavy during the peak hours and you can see the line right from the mouth of the shop curving onto the sidewalk. You can purchase from their official website or you can too get in line as the queue for bagels is comparatively shorter.

The bagels come in different varieties and also with a unique list of toppings and schmears. You also get the option to customize your bagel to per liking. One of the most famous bagel combinations is plain with cream cheese.


6. Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company

If you are looking for a bagel that’s giant, fluffy, and delicious then Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company is your shop. Before you start packing up to go to Brooklyn, know that this shop has nothing to do with Brooklyn (one of the peculiarities of the bagel world). One of the best in New York, I bet after trying one of these delicious bagels you will want to try another. 


7. Murray’s Bagels

Ever since its birth in 1996, this bagel shop has been serving the streets of NYC with its traditionally made sumptuous bagels and sandwiches. Here the sandwiches are as famous as the bagels. The hand-rolled bagels are made with fresh ingredients every morning and that’s the secret to their amazing bagels. 

Famous for its authentic food, they also have a large variety of toppings which you can choose from and alternate your bagel as you please.  


8. Pick A Bagel

You are bound to have a good experience here if you go to this bagel shop. The bagels here are huge, yummy, fresh, and flavourful. Apart from the bagels, they also serve hot drinks and pastries. The best part is that the service is pretty fast in comparison to the above-mentioned bagel places.


If the way to your heart is through your stomach then these above-listed places are bound to win your heart! Thank you for reading this blog and I hope it was useful to you. If you are new in Manhattan, you must try one of these authentic, traditional bagel places. And as the doctors say, “ A bagel a day keeps the stress away”, so listen to your doctor.

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