Gift For Minion Lovers

Despicable Me was one of the best animation movies ever made and is widely appreciated because of its main characters- the minions ! Minions are these crazy little yellow capsule like people, who look as cute with one eye as they look with two. This movie has given birth to loads of minion lovers. And although it is not difficult to look for a gift for them (because minions are everywhere) but it will be nicer if the gift is actually useful to them.

You will see your heart melt when you see their crazy antiques and hear them say Bananaaaa in their unique voice. Anyone is sure to want to catch one and keep it at their home. Guess what ? Now you can!

Geekmonkey has an assorted collection of gifts for all minion lovers. We have plush slippers to take you around the house in winters and minion hand-held fans to keep you cool in summers. We have some cute 3D greeting cards with dancing minions to convey your crazy mood. A couple keychain set which is like a perfect gift for siblings and couples alike. Our bestsellers are the bello banana minion speaker and a magnetic toothpaste dispenser, both of which look like minions, working hard to make your day worthy.

For fun lovers, we got the cool minion air football which allows you to enjoy the sport from the comfort of your home. Also, there is a minion sipper flask, that lets you ditch those plastic bottles for good.