Indian Weddings are full of fun. frolic and laughter. They are incomplete without a lot of eating, singing and dancing and a little bit of showing off. Each wedding has a unique flavor, an element of fun and surprise.

GeekMonkey Wedding store has in store items that are useful for the bride and groom. These are quirky props and accessories that the Man and his better half could use to prop up their big day. No wedding is complete without an array of ladies, the bridemaids – who leave no stone unturned to bring a smile on the bride’s face. The GroomsMen on the other hand, put in everything to make sure the groom does not have cold feet. They need a little pampering with the gifts too.

Our wedding store also has gifts that the couple would love to open and cherish once the rituals are over. As they start on a new journey in life, they would need all the love blessing and gifts that they could get. While the love and blessings come from you, you can rely on GeekMonkey for the gifts.

Lastly, the Big Fat Indian Wedding is a pleasing occasion for all. It is a happy day for everyone present and thus we have return gifts for all guests.

Make every wedding a happy wedding !