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Things Fathers Ask That Have a Hidden Meaning

Things Fathers Ask That Have a Hidden Meaning

Things Fathers Ask That Have a Hidden Meaning

Fatherhood is perhaps is an emotion that cannot be understood so simply. Unlike mothers, the male counterpart of a parent is usually not so expressive. While this may portray that the motherly affection is much more intense than that of a father’s, but this is not true. A father adores his child as much as the mother does. Although he is not the one who has carried his offspring for nine months and spent hours in labour, but he truly knows how precious his little one is.

A child might not feel this affection at once since at this tender age they are unable to read their father’s mind. But over the years, they might recognise all those things that he said to them were actually coming out of concern and love. Here are just a few ways through which father try to express their emotion and show you how much they care for you, it is you who need to identify it:

Did You Reach Home Safely?

call from Father

You would have answered this simple question more than a zillion time. And perhaps you are a little frustrated by now. But trust me, this comes purely out of love and concern for you. The moment you do not pick up your phone, do not respond to your messages, or come home late even by five minutes, your father gets worried. They tend to imagine horrible stuff because as a parent, all he wants is your safety and happiness. So, just this simple question can have a lot of thought behind it. And the next time your phone blows up with such questions, consider yourself lucky.

Do You Need Some Money?

Father giving money to son

He might yell at you for exhausting your entire pocket money in mere days. But that is only to help you understand the importance of money and help you become a more responsible individual. However, if you are planning to go on a movie with your friends, or going to watch a football match, you will surely be interrupted by your dad and asked this question. You may not notice it then since you, as his child, considers this to be his responsibility. And maybe this is the reason you do not hesitate to ask for a few more bucks while leaving the house. But having this gift is quite a privilege.

Did You Pack Your Documents?

Father dropping his son off at college

While your mom asks you whether you have prepared for your exam or not, you father would ask questions like whether you have taken your admit card. While your mom is busy getting ‘dahi’ for good luck, your father will ensure that you reach on time. And when you are a grown up and it is time to explore new places. Your mom might be a little emotional, but your dad is the one who will comfort you both and help you gain the confidence so that you are able to lead an independent life. No matter how they express their love, you need to understand they hold the same amount of emotions in their heart.

Do You Need Help with That?

Father helping son

It was your homework when you were in school, probably a sport when you were in college, then it might be a presentation for office. There were so many times your father asked this question and you nodded yes. Because, let us be honest, fathers are more experienced.  He is probably better than you at various things. And yes, you are better at a few things as well. So, soon he might need help to operate a smartphone or a laptop. That is when you get to step into his shoes and ask the same question. But remember, he was extremely patient when you couldn’t spell your name right. So he might just need a little more time in understanding those technical jargons.

Did You Take Your Medicine?

He has spent numerous of sleepless nights laying by your bedside when you were ill. He assured you that you are going to be fine even when he wasn’t sure enough. And made sure that you get the best treatment and medicine without giving a second thought about the expenses. And even when things got out of hand, he made it seem perfect. All he asked you was whether you took your medicines. While you sat there throwing tantrums about how bad it tastes. He tried to come up with some unique ways to help you swallow it.

There are endless ways in which mothers and fathers show love and concern. But as children, we usually just recognise these efforts and emotions through materialistic things. While both your mom and dad express their emotions through different words, it is important, for us children, to listen the unsaid.