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Best Buys Under 200

Best Buys Under 200

Best Buys Under 200

Gift-giving is not a recent affair; it has been prevalent for ages and dates back to thousands of years across civilizations. Any celebration or festivities without the exchange of gifts remain unfulfilled. That is the magic of gifting. A gift expresses your emotions towards near and dear ones and acts as a vital instrument in building and securing relations. These best buys under 200 are just the right option.

Gifting is an activity that connects people with good wishes for each other. There are numerous occasions like marriages, birthdays, and religious events to exercise this universal tradition, and its sole aim is to spread joy and happiness.

But there is one hard fact also associated with gifts; that receiving them is joyous, whereas giving is tedious. Not anymore, with Geek Monkey’s massive range for all occasions and under ₹200. Yes, you’ve read it correctly, under 200.

We at Geek Monkey understand every individual’s desire to gift quality items at a reasonable price. Every one of us has budget constraints, and it is this concern we have tried to address with our budget offerings. We endeavor to serve our customers with quality products at the best and reasonable rates. Please look at some of our range well under ₹200 as a reference for festive shopping ahead.

Looking forward to seeing you at And, if you do not have enough time or money to think about the ideal gifts, this blog will help you in many ways. So, it is the right time to move and instead get everything done. Let’s get you sorted and rolling without wasting any further ado.

Hammer of Thor Keychain

In the company of Mjolnir, the hammer of Thor, the keys feel safest as they had never felt before. Geek Monkey offers you this unique keychain for all SuperHero fans, you, and your special friends. Get ready to feel the power of the most fearsome weapon in your hand and virtually hang out with the God of Thunder.

This golden replica of the Thor hammer is made of solid and sturdy metal with a comprehensively detailed design and therefore makes for a treasured memento for all Thor lovers. Being a budget buy, it has an uncanny habit of selling out quickly. Order immediately before it’s sold out. Isn’t it one of the best buys under 200?

Fast Food Shaped Erasers & Sharpener (Set of 5 pieces)

Just as we all pamper our taste buds with different types of cuisines fast foods, pamper your kids with this quirky fast-food-shaped eraser and sharpener set. Develop color and shape skills starting early and create fun moments for your child even while studying. This five-piece set comprises four erasers, a durable plastic sharpener, and a high-quality steel blade for perfect sharpening.

Bring joy and happiness to every kid’s face on your kid’s birthday by distributing the set amongst all their friends as a return gift. This is one of the best gifts you will ever buy for your kid. And, if you are still thinking, you are wasting your precious time.

Superman Silicon Earphone Pouch Keychain

Superman pouch for keys and earphones is another multi-utility item from the house of Geek Monkey. Indeed a convenient thing to keep your earphones safe and tangle-free along-with coins, pen drives, memory cards, or lens filters. Now forget about forgetting these essential items while on the go. The keychain pouch is waterproof, shock-absorbent, and PU leather for durability. It is a very thoughtful item for personal use or as a gifting option for your friends or colleagues. And above all, it’s Superman design makes it very trendy and flaunt-able.

Black Post-Its with Glitter Pen

Get ready to fall in love with another thoughtful utility item, post-its with a glitter pen. This beautiful stationery set with Eiffel Tower in its background makes its way to almost all the places of work. Use it at your office desk, in your car, in your house-more, specifically in the kitchen. A black sticky notes bundle consisting of 50 self-adhesive square paper sheets of 7×7 cm size with a fluorescent pen is a distinctive way to make notes and post reminders. 

Use it for telephone messages, meetings reminders, homework, grocery, dating, etc. Make it your assistant and get rid of your embarrassing forgetful moments. This is one of the best buys under 200, which will make you realize its importance and significance. 

Plantcil- Plantable Pencil Set

Geek Monkey offers you another eco-friendly out-of-the-box utility item: Plantcil, the plant-able pencil. Plants are made from recyclable paper tightly rolled onto the graphite lead, which has a capsule filled with seeds at the end of it. When the pencil is used entirely and becomes too small, the end stub is planted in the soil with the capsule end facing down. Nurture it with adequate sunshine and water, and within a few days, you will have plants sprouting out from the seeds. These plant-able pencils not only save the environment from litter and dirt, but they also help in conserving trees by reducing their cutting for wood to make pencils. 

These Plantcils help the environment further grow plants like tomatoes, chilies, fenugreek, tulsi, marigold, etc., depending on the season. Moreover, if you are looking for some of the best buys under 200, you might have to check for them on Geek Monkey. 

However, if you are looking for worthwhile options to assist your gifts, look nowhere else but this varied list of gifts. You can also couple them with a treat from Swiggy or by watching videos and thinking of how and why? Well, you have an option to watch videos through which you can learn more about giving surprises that can fall under your budget. The sole purpose is to get everything under your budget. This is not because of the article’s topic but because of the rising request of people buying cheap and budget gifts.