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Shayari That Will Make Everyone Go Wah-Wah!

Shayari That Will Make Everyone Go Wah-Wah!

Shayari is the rich tradition of Urdu poetry that has a number of different forms. Writing and delivering shayari in an impressive manner is truly an art. But if can excel in writing sayari, you are the best person to deliver it as well. This is because sayri is usually quite profound and intricate.  And with the usage of correct words, you can express your emotions in an effortless manner.

Today, shayri is an important element of the cultures in South Asia. According to Naseer Turabi, there are five major poets of Urdu namely, Mir Taqi Mir, Mir Anees, Mirza Ghalib, Josh Malihabadi, and Allama Iqbal. These personalities have bestowed us with some of the most gems in the world of shayari and are thus known to be some of the most talented shayars of all times.  While the Urdu language reached its zenith under the British Raj, both nations – India and Pakistan cherished the beautiful Urdu poetry, famously known as shayari after the partition in the year 1947. While these two nations are divided, there are many elements that unite them both as well. And sayri is also counted amongst these wonderful elements.

Shayari is known to express different emotions. Right from sad shayri to love sayri, from funny sayri to bewafa sayari, there are a number of feelings that a shayar might want to express through his sher. So, if you wish to get some inspiration, here are a few shers that will help you form your own masterpiece. And if not, you always fit in these shayaris at appropriate time and impressive your friends.


“Ek baat jo aai zehan me do baat kehte hue…

Bataa mere alfaaz me jaan kab aai.”


English translation: While reciting a poem, a thought occurred…when did my poetry and words became so meaningful?

The shayar here is trying to explain the moment in which realizes that his broken heart that once wrote this poem is much stronger than before. He is able to recite the heartbroken and sad shayri to the audience and amid the lines he realises that he is unable to recall the time when his sadness become his strength that made him transform his wretchedness into a masterpiece. Most people might perceive it as sad shayri, but it is rather inspiring and motivational.

He might also seem a little amused by the fact that his audience is only interested in listening to his poetry but they don’t care about the circumstances that led to his misery.


“Uska haarna bohot zaroori tha…

Farq nahi padta ki humne jeet haasil ki ya nahi”


English translation: His failure was extremely important… it doesn’t matter if I won or not

This shayari is inspired from the story of Rani Padmini. When King Ratan Singh and his entire army was defeated and killed by Allaudin Khilji, the Queen along with other women decided to Jauar (a form of a suicide by women to avoid rape and enslavement). The Queen was successful in saving herself and all the women from Khilji. But in order to keep her pride untainted, she had to pay a huge price.


“Bade hi ajeeb hain ye zindagi ke raaste,

Anjaane mod par kuchh log apne ban jate hain,

Milne ki khushi dein ya na dein,

Magar bichadne ka gam zaroor de jate hain.”


English translation: Life has its own weird ways…you might stumble upon people who may seem important to you…you might not always cherish the moment you met them… but you will definitely remorse the separation.

The writer, in this sad shayri, tries to tell how life is full of ups and downs. You often come across people that you may not seem quite important to you the moment you meet them. But eventually, they become an integral part of your life. You imagine your life around them. But all of sudden, you are left alone. And now that they are gone, you realise how you cherished them as a person.

“Sukoon milta hai jab unse baat hoti hai, hazaar raato main wo ek raat hoti hai,

Nigah utha kar jab dekhte hain wo meri taraf, mere liye wo pal hi puri kayenaat hoti hai”


English translation: It gives me a sense of relief when I talk to you, that night seem to be one in a thousand nights. The moment I catch you looking at me, that moment is what is eternity means to me.

Here, a lover is trying to describe his eternal love with his shayari. In this love sayri, he claims himself to be extremely lucky to whenever he gets a chance to talk to his lover. It feels like he hasn’t talked to her for a long time. He is unable to bear this separation and wishes to spend all his time with her. He also claims that every time her lover gazes at him, he lives all his life in that single moment.

Zindagi har pal kuch khaas nahi hoti,

Phoolo ki khushboo hamesha paas nahi hoti,

Milna humari takdeer mein tha varna,

Itni pyari dosti ittefaaq nahi hoti.”


English translation: Life does not always give such special moments. The fragrance of flowers does not always linger on. We were destined to meet otherwise it is not a fluke that I found such a sweet friend.

The writer here is trying describe his deep bond with his friend with his shayari. In this friendship shayari, he points out that life has not always been so kind towards him and he has not always made really good choices when it comes to friends. Although, he has rarely found a nice friend, which he considers to be a gift of a lifetime.

Well, these were some really profound and deep shayaris. Why not cheer up a little with a funny sayri!

“Bahut khoobsurat ho tum phool ki tarah,
khud ko duniya ki najar se bachaya karo,
sirf aankhon mein kaajal hi kafi nahi,
gale mein nimboo-mirchi bhi latkaya karo.”

I think this one is self-explanatory.

That was all folks. I hope that these sayaris will inspire you to pen down your own masterpiece!

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