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5 Unique Housewarming Gifts

5 Unique Housewarming Gifts

5 Unique Housewarming Gifts

Traditionally held across the globe, a house-warming party or ceremony, termed as “Griha Pravesh” in India, literally means entering a new/renovated/remodeled house for the first time. House-warming get-together is generally informal and relaxing. It is simply a showcase of the house to friends, families, and neighbors. The hosts present their new home to the guests and the guests are obliged to give appropriate gifts to furnish the new home. It is an occasion for the hosts to hold a prayer meeting of thanks-giving to kick start the celebration. Foods, drinks, music, and dance is then followed to make the moments lighter and enjoyable for all. So what are you thinking about? Think of what to bring home as 5 unique housewarming gifts. 

Talking about presents and gifts, they surely are an indispensable part of a celebration. It is also intended to bring delight and happiness to the occasion and the host. Gifts are bonding tools between people and also an expression of love and affection. A house warming gift leaves a tremendous impression on the host. It is not only treasured but also acts as a reminder of your good wishes and blessings on the occasion.

Ensure that your gift complements the occasion and is appropriate for the ceremony, lest it might be wasted. And if you are worried about choosing the right one, just log in to, select from our wide range, click on buy and your concern will be of our interest. It’s that simple. Mentioned below are a few items from our huge range for your reference.

1. Artsy Ganesha Statue

Lord Ganesha, a symbol of prosperity makes for an ideal present on a house-warming ceremony. Accord abundant blessings to the hosts; gift Ganesha for their new home. The presence of Lord Ganesha will undoubtedly fill the new household with lots of welfare, well-being, and happiness. Remember that nothing starts without the mention and presence of Lord Ganesha. He is the divine power behind all our successes and affluence. Ganesha is an institution of inspiration that teaches us to be rational in our thinking. And, overcome all challenges of life that may befall us.

Geek Monkey offers you a beautifully handcrafted Artsy Ganesha statue with a brick pattern effect. This statue will add not only add elegance to the home décor but also brings salvation in life. Gift the deity, the God of all good beginnings, and the symbol of harmony as a house-warming memento to the proud owner of a new house and make him/her feel special and blessed. Moreover, it is one of the most unique housewarming gifts you will ever come across.

2. String Art Name Plate

Owning a house is an achievement and an experience of a lifetime. The first step into the humble abode, the feeling of a wish fulfilled, is sure to send gratifying shivers down the body. Accomplishment derived from owning a house can never be compared with any other achievement in life. Well, a hard-earned address without its proud owners’ names displayed on the outside is definitely incomplete. So, complete the most important formality, gift ‘String Art Name Plate’ as a housewarming present to the new house owner. This personalized handmade nameplate will complement and add to the beauty of the property. So what are you thinking about? Think of what to bring home as 5 unique housewarming gifts

Names written in acrylic fonts on a walnut brown customized board, with a string made mason-jar ornamented by flowers of choice and decorated by fairy lights; will give the home, the look of a cute little garden. You have the option to choose the colors of your liking.

3. Globe Shaped Liquid Dispenser

Own the world in your home. As a result. this unconventionally designed piece of article is an innovative description of our wonderful planet, the earth, our sustainer. Globe Shaped Liquid Dispenser is an ideal companion to the housewarming ceremony for gifting requirements. Also acts as a wonderful exhibit at personal bars and on the sides of the dining space at home. Also, store and dispense favorite drinks, soft or hard, during get-togethers at home or carry them along with you on outings and picnics. Gift it to the proud owner of a new house and give him/her a reason to flaunt the world to the world.

The dispenser is 100% safe for all kinds of drinks and beverages made from food-grade material. Furthermore, one of the most unique housewarming gifts.

4. Magic Glow in Dark Bed-sheet

Geek Monkey’s exclusive offering of a magic glow-dark bed-sheet also makes for an ideal present for the house-warming occasion. As owning a house brings immense joy and happiness, so will this exclusive bed-sheet in the most comforting location of the house, the bedroom. Furthermore, the proud owners might be in a state of celebration and enjoyment but be assured that this lovely piece of memento will add to their jubilation.

The bedsheet lights up when the lights go down, creating a calm and serene atmosphere for retirement to bed for the night. Dress up and beautify the bedroom convincingly with it. So what are you thinking about? Think of what to bring home as 5 unique housewarming gifts

5. Whimsical Whale – LED Night Light

Immaculate beauty is mostly found in simplicity. This impeccable whimsical whale LED night lamp is one such example. It is a befitting example and a combination of elegance and utility designed to complement every room aura. It also makes it a perfect choice for a house-warming gift. Multi-faceted that it is, it can be used in a bedroom, living area, or gallery for it to light up the surroundings. Place it on a side table, on a corner shelf, or at the work/study table, and create a calming environment.

Made from silicone material and equipped with a powerful 800mAh rechargeable battery, the backup will surely last longer. Choose from 5 different colors to suit your decor. Isn’t this one of the most worthwhile of unique housewarming gifts you have ever seen? Moreover, couple the gift with some good food. So what are you thinking about? Think of what to bring home as 5 unique housewarming gifts

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