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Luffy Cry | When, where and why ? | One Piece

Luffy Cry | When, where and why ? | One Piece

Luffy Cry | When, where and why ? | One Piece

Luffy, the main protagonist of the popular anime series One Piece, is known for his adventurous spirit, courage, and determination. However, there have been moments in the series where we have seen Luffy break down emotionally and cry. These moments add depth to his character and show that even the strongest of heroes have their weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Here are some of the most memorable episodes where Luffy cried.

Season 2, Episode 48: Luffy's First Cry

The first time we see Luffy cry is in a flashback to his childhood. As a baby, Luffy cried uncontrollably and would not stop until he was fed. This episode shows us that even as a child, Luffy was determined and had a strong will. It also sets the foundation for his never-ending quest to find the One Piece.

Season 6, Episode 325: Goodbye, Merry | Luffy Cried

In this episode, Luffy and his crew must say goodbye to their beloved ship, the Going Merry. The ship had been with them for a long time and had become a member of the crew. As the ship sinks into the sea, Luffy breaks down in tears, unable to control his emotions. This episode is a testament to the bond that the crew shared with their ship and each other.


Season 8, Episode 474: Ace's Death | Luffy Cry

Luffy cry | Ace Death


One of the most emotional moments in the series is when Luffy's adopted brother, Ace, dies in his arms. As Luffy watches Ace take his last breath, he breaks down in tears, unable to believe what has happened. This episode shows us the depth of the bond between Luffy and Ace and the pain of losing a loved one.


Season 14, Episode 489: The War Begins

In this episode, Luffy and his crew join the battle to save Ace from execution. As the battle begins, Luffy is overwhelmed by the sheer number of enemies they must face. He breaks down in tears, unable to comprehend the magnitude of the task ahead. This episode shows us that even the strongest of heroes can feel fear and doubt.

Season 19, Episode 878: Goodbye, Caramel


In this episode, Luffy learns the truth about the tragic past of his ally, Sanji. As Sanji tells his story, Luffy is overcome with emotion and begins to cry. This episode shows us that Luffy is not just a carefree adventurer but also someone who cares deeply about his friends and their struggles.


Season 21, Episode 958: Luffy's Emotional Speech | Luffy Cry

In this episode, Luffy gives an emotional speech to his crew and allies before they face their toughest battle yet. He acknowledges that they are all scared and unsure of what will happen, but they must fight together and never give up. As Luffy gives his speech, he sheds tears, showing us that he too is feeling the weight of the situation.

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