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About Geekmonkey

We present an exhaustive collection of exclusive quirky gifts in India so that you can express love to your loved ones.The thought behind every gift is unique just like the person you are gifting these little surprises to.

We often forget to appreciate the most important person in our life. Whether it is your mother, who works tirelessly for you or that best friend who never left your side or a sibling who has been there through thick and thin. Your life won’t be the same without them.

It is right time to show how you feel with little gestures that can bring an unprecedented smile to their faces.You can express your love and affection through an exciting range of online gift ideas that are researched and put together by our experts. Our gifts encapsulate all your emotions that you want to convey to your loved ones. 

How can I send a gift online?

To make sure everything falls in the right place for you, we, Geekmonkey, have an online gift store where you can buy and send gifts online too. To help you out with how you can send your favorite gifts, we have laid down important points. These points will enable you to understand the easy process of selecting and then sending the gift through.

  • One-Stop Shop – Well, if you are thinking of buying a different kind of gifts from one website. All you have to do is, visit our website and you are good to go. Our online gift delivery in India makes it easier for you.
  • Wide Array of Gifts – If you are thinking of gifting something special to your husband, wife, parents, grandparents, siblings or anyone, do not go anywhere else. You will be amazed with our online collection. You will find chocolates, funny gifts, teddies, artistic gifts, gift box ideas, and the list does not finish. Our wide array of gifts collection is second to none, so whenever, you think of buying something, do not look anywhere else.

What’s the best gifts for girls ideas?

When it comes to gifting girls, it is considered as one of the most difficult tasks. Pleasing a girl, be it your partner or sister, with a present is something we all work on day in and day out. We should not blame the females for it. There are so many variants and varieties of gifts in the market, that whenever you think of buying something, it leaves you nowhere but confused.

Just to make it easier for all the guys, we have laid down some important points stating the best gifts for girls on her birthday. Before you go ahead and look through the points, it is really important to know the background of the gifts you can choose from. There are occasions like Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, anniversaries and so many more. Each of these occasions demands a different sort of present to express your love. Be it a ring on the anniversary, a candlelight dinner on Valentine’s Day eve.

I­­­­­t all depends on what the day holds for the surprise/present. We at Geekmonkey make sure you are at the right place whenever you think of looking around for gifts. We offer a wide array of items and products that can be gifted on different occasions. So, let us go through some of the birthday gifts for girls along with some amazing picks for your girlfriend.

Gift by Type Gift Ideas Gifts by Relation
Homeware, Jewelry & Many More Accessories Personalized LED Cushion, Classy Personalized Leather Bracelet, Photogenic Beauty Table Lamp, Personalized Photo Cushion Gift, Personalized Photo Album, Customized Sleek Pen With Name For Sister
Fashion, Flowers, Home Décor, Jewelry Beautiful Hair Ceramic Mug, Love – Neon Light, 10 Pink Roses Bouquet, Pawsome Puppy – LED Night Light, Chocolate and Snack Bouquet, Forever Flowers, Blooming Orchid Dangler Earrings, 10 Pink Roses Bouquet For Girlfriend
Jewelry, Home Décor, Tableware Posh Necklace, Customized String Art, LED Photo Clip Light String, LED Bottle Lamp, Silver Sequin Personalized Magic Pillow, Unicorn Shaped Cushion For Wife

The above-mentioned gifts are the best presents for your partner. And, if you are thinking of something more personalized, you can select them from the list and gift it as soon as possible. It is often said that the best gift for girls is the one that comes from their relationship, love and its importance. So, the next time you choose the best gifts for girls, always personalize it.

What is the Best Gifts for Girls on Her Birthday?

We all know birthdays land only once in a year, so the occasion automatically becomes special for everyone. But, you are forgetting one important aspect of it. If it is your girlfriend’s, girl best friend’s or even your girl sibling’s birthday, you will face a hard time choosing the best present.

Thinking about decorations, cakes and so much more? Well, that is surely the part of birthdays, but it does not end there. A personalized gift would say it all to her. Pleasing your girlfriend, friend or sister is the most difficult thing as already discussed above. To make it easier for you, Geek Monkey has come up with all types of best gifts for girls on birthday . Yes, you read it right.

On our website, you will find quite many variants of a single gift along with new varieties from which you can choose the best one for her. Not only do we offer a birthday gift for girl best friend but we deal in all the birthday gifts available in the market. While we do that, we tend to make it available on our portal through which you can have a look, select and then send the chosen gift to her. Let us go through some of the best birthday gifts for girls ideas.

Gift by Type Gift Ideas Gifts by Relation
Homeware, Jewelry & Many More The Queen Ceramic Coffee Mug, Classy Personalized Leather Bracelet, Angel Wings Earrings, Love In A Jar – 3D Birthday Greeting For Girlfriend
Home Décor, Homeware, Wall Art Dreamy Donut Mug, LED Tap Lamp Voice Controlled, LED Photo Clip Light String For Girl Best Friend

These are just some of the best picks. So if you want to go through more such gift ideas visit our website and get the best deals on birthday gifts.

Unique gift ideas for girls in India

What do we think about whenever we hear the word unique? Well, it is something that is not standard and is a lot personalized. A unique gift can be based on your experiences with your partner, parents or it can be based upon their preferences and liking. At large, unique in itself means special.

We at Geek Monkey offer funny and unique gifts on our portal. Not only does that put a smile on the receiver’s face but also gives him/her an opportunity to hunt for more such unique gifts. It is quite important to know that the products we offer to our potential clients and existing ones are the solutions to so many problems. These problems can be categorized into gifts that are hard to get on stores and so many other online portals. This is what makes us special in the department of unique gifts, creative gifts, quirky birthday gifts for sister, unique birthday gifts in India, unique birthday gifts for him in India and so many more.

To understand what we have on our portal, let us go through some of the most unique items we have got:

  • Anti-Slip Phone Holder with Number Display: Men love utility things. Well, if your brother, husband, boyfriend or even your father love travelling, then nothing is better than this gift. This beautiful yet classy holder holds your phone, sunglasses, coins and other useful and small devices. In today’s world, it is often being said on a regular basis that safety is one of the biggest concerns. Although it is the last thing you want to think about, this phone holder also has a silicon number sheet, from which you can cut out your phone number. Moreover, you can put them in the slots available on the holder. What this will do is, whenever your car is parked somewhere, people can see the number through the glass and get in touch with you in case of any emergency. This is one of the unique gifts for men.
  • Power Nap Pillow: What comes to your mind when you think about sleeping on your hand? Pain right when you tend to wake up from an uncomfortable position. To bridge this gap, and to reduce the painful experience, Geek Monkey has made power nap pillow available. While this is a perfect pillow for your travelling buddies, it is one of the creative gifts and unique gifts for girls.
  • Magic Shoe Laces: This has to be one of the most unique gifts we have on our portal. In modern times when people have started going for quirky looks and styles, these laces are the best for their shoes. 100 cm long and glows in the dark, they can make any pair of shoes a different experience altogether. So, the next time you think of going out, try them out.

The three examples are just the teaser of what all you can expect from us. People have asked us a lot of times that do they even sell or are they even good for anyone. We just have one answer to all of their questions – We go through such experiences. All such quirky and unique gifts are a result of that. So, next time you plan on buying such presents for him/her, all you have to do is, visit our website and proceed to checkout.

What are the best wedding gifts?

Known to be the biggest day in an individual’s life, the wedding day tends to be a life-changing event. For such an occasion, it is mandatory to get the best possible gift for him/her. Imagine that you do not get gifted on this big day. What would be your reaction? Exactly! It is the same thing that is going on in your mind.

As mentioned in the above-listed points, with Geek Monkey’s website, you can do wonders. Not only will you get a wide array of marriage gifts for couples, but also the most personalized ones. The era of giving standard bouquets is done and dusted. In this modern era, bouquets have taken a different shape and are more personalized. The same goes for other types of wedding anniversary gifts. So, to understand the same, let us go through some amazing gift items.

Anniversary Gift by Type Gift Ideas Gifts by Relation
Jewelry & Cosmetics Finger Ring, Necklace, Bracelet/Bangle, Make-up Kit For Her
Home Decor Bed sheet, Personalized Pillows, Designer Curtains, Photo Frame For Him/Her
Accessories Perfume, Globe Pitcher, Watch For Him

The mentioned gifts come under certain ideas that you can look up for on our portal. Even if you are looking for different kind of gifts for both him and her, you can hover over the ‘shop by occasion’ section and choose the best one for both bride and groom.

How to choose the best Diwali Gifts?

Diwali, a festival of light, is considered as one of the biggest festivals in India, and rightly so. The Indian culture and tradition make it more astonishing, and there is one more thing, which is quite hard to believe. Well, not only is this festival celebrated by Hindus, but it is spread across all the different religious groups of India and so many more foreign countries. Nearly all of the corporate follow the tradition of buying different kinds of Diwali gifts for employees. Such is the aura of this festival.

While Diwali holds a huge significance in the Indian culture and traditions, it comes with more responsibilities. How – In the name of gifts and their types. Choosing the best Diwali gifts is quite important for an individual and most of the people buy it beforehand. To understand Diwali gift ideas in a better sense, Geek Monkey through its portal helps you in all the ways possible. We not only have ideas for you but also have various forms and kinds of gifts.

Diwali Gift Type Gift Ideas Gifts by Relation
Festive Giveaway Personalized Lamp, Friendly Ganesha Handmade Idol, Ganpati Paintings For Parents, Family Members, Employees
Corporate Giveaway Dinner Set, Kitchen Set, Personalized Mugs, Frames For Employees
Home Décor Metal Planters, Designed Bedsheets, Sky Planter, Candle Holders For Husband, Wife, Parents
Kitchenware Clay Pots, Designer Dinner Sets, Snack Tray, Ice Tray For Wife, Mother, Sister

Best Christmas Gifts Ideas for 2022

Christmas Day is the pivotal point for people where they tend to experience a holiday season. A season full of joy, happiness and celebration. On such a day, if you would not plan to gift something to your loved ones, that would be a huge let-off for them. Everyone waits for Christmas gifts from the most wanted man around Christmas – Santa Claus. So, if you are thinking to bring a smile with Secret Santa Gifts on your kid’s face or even your parents’ and partner’s this Christmas, visit our website.

While kids wait to wake up in the morning with a gift tacked under their pillows by Santa Claus, we make sure, you do not miss out on buying that perfect gift. It is often said that the best gift is the smile that one has when he/she gets the most-awaited Christmas present. To get a much more explained idea, take a look on the undersigned Christmas gift ideas.

Christmas Gift Type Gift Ideas Gifts by Relation
Home Décor Santa Rope Climber, Santa Boots, Stocking Fillers For Children/Adults
Greeting Accessories Reindeer Lamps, Dancing Santa Toys, Greeting Cards For Children

What can you gift for New Year 2022?

When the New Year arrives, a lot of resolutions follow it. Well, another day that marks significant emotions. After festivals and personal achievements, we are sure, it is the New Year that is celebrated with all the heart and energy. However, things can differ in the cases of youth and adults. While the adults prefer to spend the night with their families, planning a barbeque night in their backyard, the youth spends his/her night out, partying. Every being has his/her own way of celebrating this day.

We at Geek Monkey bring a wide variety of gifts for you to choose from. While your husband might want some sort of a digital accessory, your girlfriend might look for different forms of jewelry. But, what we do through our website is, we give more options and varieties to the buyers, so that they do not stick to the usual and standards. A New Year gift for husband gives you an opportunity to make his emotions flow. And, a New Year gift for girlfriend lets her know that you want to start the New Year with utter happiness and love.

Let us go through some of the ideas below through which you can pick up a Happy New Year gift for your loved ones:

New Year Gift Type Gift Ideas Gifts by Relation
Tableware Personalized Mug, Customized Lamp For Girlfriend/Wife
Personal Care Personalized Humidifier, Perfume For Husband/Boyfriend
Home Decor Light Photo Clips, Photo Frame, Customized Tea-light Holder For Sister/Brother

What is Singles’ Day and what can you gift on this day?

By now you must be thinking, what exactly is singles’ day, and what does it signify? Well, to start with, singles’ day is celebrated on 11th November of every year. When this date appears on the calendar as 11.11, it is said that the four ones stand together, which literally translates itself as the singles stick with each other.

Choosing gifts on the singles day is a very difficult job, but don’t you worry. Geek Monkey has got your back for such a challenge. We make sure that you have a wide range of gifts to choose from for such a tricky yet eventful day; singles day 2019. So, if you are planning to gift something to your single friend, we will help you with the options and ideas.

Singles’ Day Gift Type Gift Ideas Gifts by Relation
Home Decor Magic Money Plant, Oil Diffuser, E-Reader For Boys
Jewelry & Cosmetics Jewelry Gift Card, Ring, Necklace, Bracelet, Shaving Kit For Girls & Boys

Valentine’s Day gift ideas 2022?

A day, celebrated every year on 14th February, is a day of expressing love and feelings for your loved ones. A day that you would want to spend in your partner’s arms. Not only does the Valentine’s Day enable you to make the day a special experience for your partner, but it also strengthens your relationship. Even if you do not require a Valentine’s Day gifts to express your feelings, remember, your partner is surely expecting something in the form of a gift. Be it a rose or any small gesture that would make his/her day.

So if you are in need of some amazing and personalized options, do not go anywhere else, but visit our website, (geekmonkey.in). Not only do we have a wide collection of Valentine’s Day gifts, but quite a number of ideas on what all Valentine’s gifts you can look or go for.

Valentine’s Day Gift Type Gift Ideas Gifts by Relation
Flowers, Fashion & Many More Scented Flowers, Bouquet, Dress, Customized Photo Frame, Bracelet, LED Lights For Her
Tableware, Fashion & Many More Coffee Mug, Mobile Holder, Goggles, Colored Socks, Phone Case, For Him

Buy Quirky Stuff Online

Surprising your loved ones with a gift is a brilliant idea. But investing time in finding the right gift is a daunting task. The task becomes even more difficult when you don’t know will represent their personality. We save you from all your troubles with a huge collection of funky gift to make the day of your loved ones even more special.

You can shop online for creative gifts ideas from the comforts of your home anytime to give to your family and friends. From birthday gifts to anniversary gifts you can find the unique collection of presents at GeekMonkey. So stop worrying about what you will gift to your loved ones on their birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Diwali, valentines, and so on. Make your online gift shopping experience something to remember with us

Geekmonkey offers you an endless variety of online gifts items like chocolates, personalized mugs, greeting cards and much more. We have an extensive collection of gifts that are fit for every occasion. Here you can glimpse of our unusual collection of quirky gifts.

Creative gift ideas in India

We are an online shop where you can buy creative gifts for your special ones who you hold close to your heart. Most of the time you want to go beyond the traditional gifting and give them something creative that they will never forget. Finding such out of the box gifts is tricky when you don’t have any idea what qualifies as an innovative and unique gift.  Whether you are looking for a birthday gift for a friend or a Valentine gift for your wife, you will find all types of presents at GeekMonkey. Our experts have spent hours putting together to create thoughtful and quirky gifts that everyone loves. They will be happy to receive these unique bundle of joy. We offer a comprehensive range of greeting cards and gifts that cover every occasion and human emotion perfectly.

Whether the occasion is a birthday, housewarming, Christmas, anniversaries, or anything else, you will find unique gifts online for everyone.

Valentine’s day gift ideas

It is the most special day in the life of any couple who are heads over heels in love with each other. But many guys don’t know how to express their love with the right gift. With us, now every guy can show their love to the girl by our handpicked collection of unique gifts for her. It will help you to say the golden words in the hour of need and will make her the happiest person.If you are a girl and looking for the perfect gift for your boyfriend or hubby, then GeekMonkey will help you out. We offer an extensive collection of gifts for him to make this day even more romantic,

Birthday gift ideas

For everyone birthdays are the most special day in their life whether she is 9 years old girl or 45 years old father. You can surprise your special ones on their birthday day with our comprehensive collection of gifts to make their day even more happening.

Anniversary gift ideas

Finding the perfect anniversary gift for your beloved is not an easy task which will suit their persona and compliments them. You can leave everything to our experts who have handpicked the unique collection of anniversary gifts that can melt anyone’s heart. With our wide assortment of gifts, add more joy to your beloved’s day with unique gifts for men and women.

Friendship Day gift ideas

This is the day when we celebrate our friendship with our dearest friend. You can surprise your friend with a cool gift from our collection to make them smile. Giving your friends gift is the sweetest way to appreciate their friendship, so give something that they won’t forget. How about scented candles for your dear girl best friend? If your best friend is a boy, then how about pubg keychain for him.

Diwali gift ideas

It is the festivals of light and gifts too. Diwali holds the most significant place in celebrations for Hindu, a day we wait for the whole year. This year rejoice Diwali with not only firecracker and sweets but also gift them with the coolest gift ever.Checkout out our Diwali gifts collection.

Personalized gift ideas

Want to gift your special ones with something extra special, personalized gifts come to your rescue. A gift with a personal touch is the best to make someone feel special and loved all at ones. We have an extensive collection of personalized gifts options such as coffee mugs, cards, miniature dolls and so much more.

Unique Gifts For Her

She plays so many roles to perfection: a mother, a sister, a wife, a daughter ! She loves you, cares for you, protects you and gives you strength. The special women in your life need a gift that is nothing less than perfect.

Give her an intricate piece of jewelry from our handpicked selections or go for a peaceful looking home decor item. After all she can make your life look beautiful.

Cool gift ideas for him

Surprise him with gifts from our collection to see his precious smile !

Fulfill your husband’s Mafia chasing dreams with this funny Gun Shaped Ice Tray.Let your casino kind be his supreme self with the Gold poker cards, treat your workaholic father with the desk bucket organizer or get your party lover brother started on the skull shot glasses. For more quirky gifts collection click here!

Funky gift ideas for Kids

Your kids are extra ordinary. Give them something they would never want to part with.

Keep boredom at bay with our wonderful collection of gifts for kids which has unique DIY puzzles, wonderful toys & utilities.

Funky Gifts for friends

Geekmonkey has a good funky gifts collection like mugs, pen, gag gifts and many more.  True friends always likes to get pranked and would love to accept these kind of gifts.

Why Choose Geekmonkey

With GeekMonkey get creative gifting ideas and option that you can gift to your loved ones no matter what the occasion. Let it be Valentine’s, Friendship day, Mother’s Day, or any festival. From a long time, we have been reaching out to many people with our heart melting gifts. So celebrate your special occasion with us in a unique way and surprise you special people with our out of the box gifts collection.

Good Morning gift ideas

If you have tried all the unique ideas to impress your loved one and now searching for new ideas.

But you don’t want to repeat the same ideas again and again. To make your life more interesting and quirky ideas to impress your partner visit here to see top ideas for good morning gifts. It includes breakfast date, gifts for girls which can make her smile starting from morning and many more.

Unsual Gifts

Bored of getting all frame and scenery gifts? Geekmonkey has large number of unique and usual gifts. The moment your loved one will get these gifts you will be awestruck and you will become their favourite.