World Bicycle Day 2021

World Bicycle Day 2021: Know the importance of Cycling Everyday

It’s crucial to keep ourselves fit and healthy. Health comes first than anything else. Being healthy improves the quality of your life and minimizes the risk of disease development in us. Those who continuously have the feeling of being sick, ill, frequent illness, arthritis, diabetes, headache, migraine, or any disease; should move and take a stand for their health. To spread awareness about being healthy and active, World Bicycle Day is being celebrated across the World on 3rd June every year. Why? Because riding a bicycle regularly can control your ongoing diseases and close doors for new ones from entering your body.

Riding a bicycle can be joyful. Besides the fact that it keeps you healthy, it has the capability of providing your soul with freshness and away from the monotonous routine.

It is the most low-impact exercise which can be enjoyed by people of all age groups. There’s no such restriction on cycling in any age group.

The scraped knees and scratched elbow after falling from the cycle are a part of the childhood memories that we cherish when we remember our nostalgic moments.

Acknowledging the benefits, uniqueness, and versatility, World Bicycle Day is celebrated every year on 3rd June.

World Bicycle Day: History behind the Event

To promote the health benefits of cycling among people of all age groups, World Bicycle Day is celebrated every year on June 3rd.

The day also aims to highlight the fact that the cycle being a pollution friendly vehicle, should be used widely so that we can move a step ahead to being a pollution-free country and safeguard our environment.

The day was declared as World Bicycle Day by the United Nations General Assembly by taking a resolution, “the uniqueness, longevity, and versatility of the bicycle, which has been in use for two centuries.”

To promote the campaign Professor Leszek Siblisk, who was working as a social scientist in the United States, was appointed.

Later on, 56 countries came in support of the campaign and World Bicycle Day led by the United Nations General Assembly.

Come in support of the event by using #June3WorldBicycleDay.

World Bicycle Day 2021: All you need to know about the Benefits of Cycling

World Bicycle Day

Physical health is very much needed specially to maintain your mental health. Leading a physically active life reduces your risks of developing diseases and makes you efficient in many ways.

As discussed above, there’s no age to cycling. Anyone, whether teenager, young or old, can tie their laces and move out to cycle. It is a less expensive mode of transportation available which can be enjoyed.

 the benefits of cycling

Celebrate World Bicycle Day on June 3rd

Do you know? That it takes just 2-4 hours per week to gain back your physical health, and cycling can be a good option for it. Here are a few reasons why one should not only cycle on World Bicycle Day, but everyday.

1.Low Impact:

As compared to other forms of exercise, cycling is an exercise that causes you less strain or injuries. It is a good exercise to maintain your muscle health. Why? While pedaling, you will feel your muscles stretching and developing.

2. It is easy:

Unlike other activities, cycling is the easiest exercise which you can perform. Finding the right posture in various exercises can be quite difficult. But that’s not the case in cycling. Even small kids learn how to cycle easily.

3. A good way for a physical workout:

Some people do not like to do physical workouts in gyms or at their homes. They feel lethargic. Well, cycling is the best option for those people. People love cycling as it overjoys their mood and refreshes them.

For those of you who are not aware, Cycling is mainly an aerobic activity. That means it benefits your heart, blood vessels, and lungs at the same time. As you tend to breathe deeper, perspire, and also experience increased body temperature, that will improve your overall fitness level.

Regular cycling can be beneficial, as it includes:

  • Reduced levels of anxiety and stress
  • Depression levels see an overall dip
  • Toned body fat
  • Strengthened bones and muscle health
  • Increased level of cardiovascular fitness
  • Improved posture

4. Weight Management

Cycling helps to lower body fat levels and promotes healthy weight management. As you burn more and more calories, your metabolism and muscle health would see a positive transition.

5. Provides strength to legs

Cycling improves the overall functioning of your body and provides strength to your muscles without overstressing them. Cycling targets to tone your quads, glutes, hamstrings, and calves.

So, till now you must have come across that cycling is an enjoyable sport which not only helps you to stay healthy but also makes your workout session- a fun session.  On top of it, if the weather conditions are favorable, just buckle up your shoes and go out and celebrate World Bicycle Day. It will be a wonderful way to rejuvenate yourself and get rid of the boredom and monotonous routine. After all, our health is our most precious gift. Moreover, cycling can relieve your stress and depression levels. It ensures to provide you with an increased level of concentration and helps you to focus on your tasks well. So come let’s join our hands together to make World Bicycle Day a Great Success.