World Anti-Tobacco Day 2021

World Anti-Tobacco Day 2021: Know its history, theme, significance, and more

World Anti-Tobacco Day aims to highlight the threats associated with the consumption of Tobacco. the World Health Organization (WHO) organizes an annual event so that people can understand the risks which they might face after its consumption. The main aim of this event is to make the smoker aware of how smoking is doing bad to him as well as to the ones who are in clear contact with him. WHO aware smokers how smoking can be dangerous for the ones who are just inhaling it? Yes, you heard that right. Those who inhale smoke are the ones who are more prone to its consequences.

As the smoke emitted by smoking directly affects the lungs it can cause several diseases which can harm the body. Some of those diseases are cancer, cardiovascular disease, staining of teeth, tooth decay, and others. These are just some of the diseases we have listed. There are many of which we are not even aware of.

Also, on this day WHO urges smokers to quit smoking or not to smoke for at least 24 hours on World Anti-Tobacco Day and then see the change in themselves. This is a good move by WHO and we must appreciate it.

Anti-Tobacco Day: What is its history?


The World Health Organization (WHO) passed a resolution in 1987 which announced April 7th as the World Anti-Tobacco Day. This act was passed to urge and motivate people to quit smoking or at least do not smoke for 24 hours.

Later, WHO passed another resolution which stated that May 31st should be observed as World Anti-Tobacco Day.

A good step was taken by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2008, which was that it ordered a ban on all the existing ads on tobacco on every platform and restricted makers to not indulge in making any such ad in the future. This was done to prevent youth from indulging in smoking or consuming tobacco.

World Anti-Tobacco Day Theme 2021: Commit to Quit

Every year the World Health Organization decides on different themes of the event. This year, the theme of World Anti-Tobacco Day 2021 is “Commit to Quit” which means Quit tobacco to be a winner.

It created different materials and contents which can be used on different social media platforms to make people aware of its repercussions and disadvantages.

Think of each one of us choosing to post even on one single platform, together it would be around a billion something posts on the web to stop consuming tobacco. This would be the ultimate step towards awareness regarding this issue.

Make use of #CommitToQuit this World Anti-Tobacco Day to make this movement a big success for all.

Why is smoking and consuming tobacco unhealthy?

World No Tobacco Day 2021

Consumption of tobacco and smoking is the worst thing for our health. There are dangerous substances in tobacco products and there’s not a single good substance in them. It includes substances like acetone, tar, nicotine, carbon monoxide which if even inhaled don’t just affect your lungs but would affect your entire body. Now think how dangerous its consumption would be. Smoking and consuming tobacco can impact your health for the long term and worsen your situation from day to day.

Know more about its overall effects:

  1. Affects reproductive system

As we discussed above, tobacco has a substance known as Nicotine in itself that restricts the blow flow to the genital areas of both men and women. For men, it can decrease sexual performance while for women it can lead to sexual dissatisfaction.

  1. Risk to the digestive system

As we all know, smoking increases the chances of mouth, throat cancer. One who smokes can also have a higher chance of having pancreatic cancer.

  1. Causes fungal infection

The more you smoke, the more you see changes in your body, especially in your skin. These dangerous substances lead to a change in the structure of your skin, which may even cause skin cancer.

Also, your toenails as well as fingernails are not immune from catching the side effects of smoking and hence can cause fungal infections.

Not only this, Nicotine, a substance present in tobacco is the prime suspect of causing hair problems. Overconsumption can cause problems like hair loss, greying of hairs, and baldness.

What are the side effects after withdrawal from tobacco products?

World Anti-Tobacco Day

Withdrawal from smoking and tobacco products can cause severe congestion and respiratory discomfort. Why? Because your lungs and other airways begin to heal.

There are side effects for your children as well. Children whose parents continuously smoke are more prone to having diseases like cough and asthma problems. They are also at a higher risk of pneumonia.

Final Takeaway

Regular smokers find it very difficult to quit smoking. But it is not impossible. You can at least try as it can increase you and your family’s life span. Your one move can bring you a better and happy future.

So, let’s take a pledge this World Anti-Tobacco Day to withstand this great movement initiated by the World Health Organization and make “Commit to Quit” a great success! Gift yourself the gift of live, quit smoking!