Places To Travel After Lockdown 2021

One of the biggest worries in today’s date is not just meeting your loved ones but hoping that they are all healthy and free from any type of health issue. Have you ever wondered how to reach out in such circumstances? Well, if you are someone who has been lagging behind and stuck in lockdown, you ought to try different ways to reach out. Since digital platforms are one way, you need to be technically sound. Now, isn’t that something to hone in on today’s date? However, when you come out of such a situation, there are certainly more things to think about. Things like places to travel after lockdown 2021. 

We often tend to crumble under our own thoughts when it comes to traveling amid the pandemic. However, last time in late 2020, we were reaching out to the new normal and everything around us was indeed getting better. With the vaccine making its way into the world, a lot of us hoped for a better tomorrow. But, things have changed drastically. And, a lot of people are losing their loved ones. Since the pandemic wave has hit us again, we are bound to our homes, indoors, living the early 2020 life yet again. But, what one must not forget is the safety with which God has kept many of us. So, never take anything for granted.

Furthermore, if you are planning to move out post-lockdown, you should know the safest places to visit with your loved ones. You definitely would not want to get infected with any health issue and then transfer it to your loved ones. Isn’t it? So, gear up as we bring forward a detailed list of 3-4 destinations you should visit to alleviate the lockdown stress and anxiety and breathe freely. 


Hill stations are indeed some of the best places one can visit to appreciate nature and serenity together. However, there are many challenges at the moment. Even when the lockdown was lifted last year, the Uttarakhand government had imposed several passes for visiting tourists. Tourists had to enter the capital with a negative COVID report or a special pass. This not only made it difficult for people but also enabled many to choose some other destination. However, things have changed now. 

Things are not so strict and people who do not have any report can instantly get tested at the border. Locals might not have any problems but tourists coming from COVID red zones need to get tested at the border for a safe passage to Mussoorie and nearby places. That is because, once you are amid the mountains, there aren’t many healthcare centers. So, if you are carrying the virus, locals and villagers can get infected and would not be able to adhere to proper healthcare facilities. That is why it is important to know the places to travel to after lockdown 2021.


Who does not like the smell of Rajasthan’s sand? And, when it comes to its capital, which is popularly known as the pink city, people can’t ignore much about it. One must know that Rajasthan also has a lot of COVID cases. So, going through their state government’s website will greatly help your causer and will certainly make your travel a bit safer and easier. Moreover, there are many places like forts and lakes where travel might be restricted. So, make sure you know everything before leaving for Jaipur. 

If you happen to come from the national capital or Delhi NCR region, you might be stopped at certain police checkpoints. All you have to do is present your COVID report. If you are under the impression that new guidelines have stopped the border COVID tests, some people are not aware of it. So, anxiety or tension might suck some juice out of you. So, be extra cautious and know the updated rules and regulations. 


Goa is one of the biggest hotspots for people living in India. Not only does this place offer beautiful coastlines but is also home to the Dutch colony that was once a part of the Goan culture. Many Indian tourists visit this beach destination to get tanned and spend their New Year period partying around with family and friends. However, after the lockdown is over, you might come across several kinds and types of restrictions. While some beaches might have specific restrictions, parties might get affected too. So, if you are a party animal, know that not many people can party at the same time and place due to social distancing.

Even though this is one of the best places to travel after lockdown 2021, you have to be extra careful. That is because one cannot take their health for granted. Moreover, it is another person whose life is in jeopardy. When it is Goa, you ought to take control over your senses. Because, when Goa has you, you become of its own. So, gear up.

The 7 Sisters

Even during this lockdown, the 7 sisters of India are comparatively safe from the virus. Meaning, it is not as bad as the metro cities of the country. So, if you plan on visiting these wonderful North-East states of India, you are bound to experience sheer beauty and magnificence. So, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets and make your move while you still can. But, make sure all your moves take place after the lockdown is over. 

Travel Safe 

For travel freaks who are always on the road, taking COVID tests has become quite normal. However, with vaccines getting accommodated in all the cities, you can simply travel freely without having to think much. But, ensure you have adhered to all the travel norms and guidelines brought into effect by state governments. Also, you need to be aware of the best destinations you can travel to. Check this list for 4 of the best and accessible places to travel after lockdown 2021. Moreover, there are so many things you can travel with when you are on the road.