Quirky Return Gifts For Guests

Quirky Return Gifts For Guests

Having a lot of guests at the wedding? Do you want to arrange for some really nice return gifts for them to appreciate their presence at you soiree? Since you need to present all your guests, we can understand that you would have a tight budget. Return gifts usually need to be affordable. And you are in luck because today we will be talking about some return gifts which fit your budget and can prove to be a good gesture for your guests. This list of return gifts has been designed in a way which would not burden your pocket. And at the same time, people will get amazed after looking at it.

Let us get started!

  1. Handmade Chocolates as Return Gifts

 handmade chocolates for return gift

Gifting chocolates might sound traditional but these are handmade chocolates, which people love as their taste and aroma are quite different from that of the normal brand of chocolate. If you are under a budget then these handmade chocolates would be a good fit to buy for the wedding return gift for your guests. You can even get these chocolates customized the way you want. You can get your and your partner’s name printed on each chocolate just to make it look distinctive.

  1. Cookie Box as Return Gifts

Cookie Box for return gift

Best classic cookies are what everyone loves. Gifting classic cookies as the return gift would be useful and at the same time, it would look very eccentric to be gifted such a lovely gift. Packages matter a lot and thus their design. Choose from the most lovely-looking cookies and get them customized as well. You can even get the wedding date printed on the cookie box. You can add multiple different flavors inside the box so that it looks more lavishing.

  1. Exotic Tea and Coffee

tea and coffee for return gift

Indians are so obsessed with tea this we cannot disagree. So, gifting gourmet tea and exotic coffee blends in a lovely-looking package would be a good idea to be gifted as a return gift to your guests. Also, companies have themselves made delightful and appealing packages so you can choose from their collection. Prefer to buy luxurious tin packages where there’s an assortment of pleasing decorations and would be admired by your guests.

  1. Jewelry Pouches as Return Gifts

 Jewellery Pouch for return gift

There’s a reason why jewelry is considered a return gift as it is known as the symbol of happiness and celebration and makes people remember you for long years. Gifting them a pouch full of jewelry like earrings, necklace, bracelets in a colorful pouch along with an assorted box of sweets or chocolate would make a good return gift and would not burn a hole in your pocket. Ladies would feel special through these gifts as they love jewelry boxes. Gota Jewelry would look good to gift and set within your budget itself. For these kinds of return gifts, the package should be lovely and beautifully designed. Choose a lightweight box with a mirror that will suit the lady’s desires and requirements.

  1. God Idols

Idols as return gift

You can gift lovely mementoes like God’s idols to guests as it is the purest and serene gift one can gift to their guests. This gift can never go wrong and it would be highly appreciated and loved by your guests as well. Especially when it comes to Indian Wedding, God idols as gifts are the most loved gift which can be gifted.

You can gift god idol respective of whatever religion you belong to. If you belong to Hinduism, then you can choose among the idols of Lord Krishna, Lord Ganesha, Lord Rama. If you belong to Sikhism, you can gift the idol of their 9 Guru or their main Guru Nanak Dev Ji or even you can gift them a frame of Golden Temple.

  1. Home appliances

Another good gift that can be gifted to your guests can be home appliances. Not big ones but for the daily needs and use like kitchen kettle, coffee maker, iron, hand blender which your guests can use in their daily life. This can be one of the amazing presents to be gifted. It will also be within your budget and would be useful enough.

  1. Shadow Diyas

Shadow Diyas as return gifts

Do you want to gift some eccentric return gifts to your guests which they are not aware of totally? Then you can go for shadow days. This product is highly new in the market and not so highly-priced. It falls under your budget and also would look good while gifting to your visitors. You should always go for the things which are not seen by people earlier. It makes them remember about you and your wedding for years.

So, these are some of the return gifts which you might think of gifting to the ones attending your wedding. These return gifts are new and your guests would love them. We hope that you would be able to come across a bunch of options. And pick the ones that suit the occasion and the taste of your guests appropriately.