Wedding Gift Options For Every Budget

A wedding is an occasion of a lifetime for two individuals, the union of two souls. It is equally an occasion to enjoy with family and friends. It is a celebration time all the way. Weddings are a congregation of all near and dear ones, showering the couple with their blessings and gifting them with love. A gift goes a long way in the life of the couple, always reminding them of your affection towards them. It also acts as a catalyst in the process of better bonding. So, check the best wedding gift options for every budget, stated in this blog.

But it is very often that choosing an appropriate wedding gift for the bride and the groom is such an arduous task. Gifting a memento that is unique and leaves an impression for a lifetime blows you out of your mind. So it is always better to present something which is relative and recalls warm memories years after years.

If you are looking for unique wedding gift ideas that are creative and personalized as well, then check out from our classified wide range at Geek Monkey, choose your gift, and get an edge over other guests. We have chosen a few gift ideas, as under, for your reference and assistance. In case you would want more options, please visit us at and select your choice. We are sure that you will be able to choose that wedding gift which will leave the couple talking for years. 

Magic Glow in Dark Bedsheet

The bride and the groom should have an experience of a lifetime on the first day of their wedding. And what better way than understanding and comfort in each other’s company. And, the best place to experience and enjoy every moment of togetherness is the comforting confines of a bedroom. But what will make it warm and relaxing for the occasion is quite demanding?

But now you don’t have to worry about this strenuous challenge. Just embellish the couple’s bedroom with Geek Monkey’s Magic Glow Bedsheet. This neon glow bed sheet provides just the correct requirement of warmth and intimacy for the couple. As a result, the bedsheet lights up when the lights go down, creating a calm and serene atmosphere for the moment. Indeed, this is one of the best wedding gift ideas to gift to the newlyweds. So, what are you thinking while looking for the best wedding gift options for every budget?

Kitchen Clock | Pan Wall Clock – Kitchen Decor

Next in line with the bedroom, the kitchen is the place where the heart is poured out. It is a place that wins hearts. It is indeed and rightly considered the best place to satisfy your taste buds and your soul. In today’s times, a kitchen is also considered one of the best companions which helps in reaching out to your spouse’s heart. But do not forget to adorn it with Frying Pan Shaped Wall Clock, an awe-inspiring masterpiece from Geek Monkey. Decorate your kitchen wall with this modern yet artistic clock and enhance its beauty. However, it is truly a relatable utility your kitchen can have. Black, red, and white are the color choices available.

MeMini Me – 3D Custom Clone Dolls

This wedding gifting will leave the couple mesmerized. The MeMiniMe-3D custom clone doll is a very personalized and extraordinary piece of work. It truly makes an ideal gift for that special couple of the occasion. 

An unbreakable memento made from bio-degradable plant-based plastic called PLA material is handcrafted to 70-80% accuracy. The bride and the groom are brought to life in this animated replica of themselves. You just need to send us 3-4 photographs each, of the couple from different angles, along with the order. All you need this as one of the best wedding gift options for every budget.

Gift this unique piece of creativity that is one of the best wedding gift ideas and be assured to be remembered for life. The bride and the groom will treasure your present for generations to come.

Customized String Art in India | Personalized Gift Idea

String art or nails and thread art can also be described as magic on wood with colorful strings to create a personalized design. It is an arrangement of colorful threads in a set pattern of your choice. You can choose geometric designs, any object or article, nameplates, structures, or picture real artwork.

Gift your poetry through colorful threads wound around a grid of nails/pins on a wooden board. You just need to give us a picture of your choice and we will complete your poetry through this handcrafted souvenir. Just wear it on the walls or display it on the tables, it is bound to flaunt itself.

Hurry, book now for early delivery of this exquisite hand-made masterpiece. 

Hear 2 Heart – LED Light

Sometimes the simplest of gifts prove to be the best ideas. This attractive and heart-shaped LED lightbox is one such example. A hand-picked item from an in-exhaustive range of geek monkey collection will surely light up the life of the newly-wed. It will add pleasure to the romantic atmosphere. Show your love through this heart box and provide a long-lasting memory. A present that comes under one of the best wedding gift ideas, you can hang it on the wall or place it on a side table and brighten the surroundings.

The LED lights are battery-powered, which makes them free of that sloppy-looking cord. Moreover, you can even watch a video or on Youtube to get more ideas on how to use this wedding gift for the newlywed couple. If you are thinking about what to buy and from where to buy, this is the perfect article for you. These are some of the best wedding gift options for every budget. So, get going.