Tips to Get Sound Sleep

Tips to Get Sound Sleep

Ever had that feeling of feeling tired right after waking up? Well, for most of us, last year has been majorly about that. It feels like having a good night’s sleep is no longer a thing. We doze off at night but do we really get the rest we deserve and need? And while there are a dozen of things we blame for our lack or sleep, we need to take a few measures to get some sound sleep and actually wake up rejuvenated in the morning. With the entire pandemic situation, people working from their homes, and typically living their lives indoors, our sleep schedule has been messed up. And this can affect not only our physical health but also our mental health. Lack of sleep or insomnia can the cause of various medical conditions. And this is the last thing we would want right now! So, it is important to develop a ‘sleep hygiene’ and ensure at least 8 hours of quality sleep in a day. But how! So many people suffer from this issue and have yet not found an effective way to get some sound sleep. Worry no more as we have got you covered. We have a few tips that will help you fall asleep faster and also to wake up refreshed. So, let us know about these magical tips:

Say no to Screens

How to Sleep Faster

Well, this has been said time and again. Spending a lot of time on screen can not only strain your eyes but can also restrain the production of the hormone called melatonin that controls your sleep-wake cycle. This can affect your overall sleep quality. So, it is better to say bye-bye to your mobile phone or laptop at least an hour before you go to bed. You can either keep your phone away from the bed or even in another room. We know that checking your phone might seem like a great thing to fall asleep but it is actually the opposite. So, it is better to keep your phone far away at night. You can also set timer on your phone that will remind you that it is now time to sleep. You can also get lockers for your phone that can help a lot.

Write a Diary

Write A Diary to sleep faster

Whether you wish to write you entire day in your diary or make a to-do list for tomorrow and just jot down random thoughts in your mind. You can do whatever you want. Just grab a piece of paper and a pen and write your heart out! This will not only help your mind ensure that you are done for the day, but it might also help you fall asleep faster. Moreover, maintaining a diary or merely writing down something will give you a sense productiveness.

No Power Naps

no sleep at daytime

Stealing a nap in the daytime might be quite luring but it can result in lack of sleep at night. Plus, it is said that sleeping during the night time can have both physical and mental health benefits. Thus, it is important to fight the urge of taking power naps during the day. Moreover, it can confuse your internal sleep cycle and would result in bad quality of sleep at night. However, if you really wish to take a day nap, do not sleep for more 30 minutes.

Be Physically Active

Be physically fit to sleep better

Leading an active lifestyle can have numerous of health benefits. Not only it can help in developing immunity and preventing diseases, but it can also help you get sound sleep. It is said that regular exercise can help in reducing stress. Thus, it can help you fall asleep quicker. Moreover, sleeping well can help in enhancing your athletic performance. So, it is a continuous cycle that is only beneficial for you. So, it is advised that one should go for walks, cycling, or swimming to improve sleep quality.

Create a Relaxing Aura

 Make Your Bedroom More Relaxing to get Better Sleep

To ensure a peaceful bedtime routine, you need to create a similar vibe as well. The aura of your room will send powerful message to your brain and it will help you unwind. Even small changes can make a long difference. You can add in some soothing colours that will help your mind relax. Also, ensure that the room is dark and the bedding is comfortable. Moreover, you can control the temperature of the room according to your preference. Also, ensure that there is nothing in the room that would disturb your sleep. Turn off the lights and shut the blinds to create a cosy and comfy atmosphere.

Getting good sleep is very important and we hope that with these tips you will be able to get sound sleep without any hassle. Also, with this you will be able to wake up more energetic and refreshed in the morning. And we are sure that you would also have a bunch of ideas to get sound and relaxing sleep. So, do share those in the comment section below with us. Also, if you have symptoms of insomnia, it is better to consult a medical professional as they will be able to guide you better.