Where Can You Surf In India?

India’s enormous ocean-facing coastline of several miles is easily action-packed and accessible. Surf through the coastline’s legendary waves, which tend to attract surfing newcomers and seasoned professionals alike. However, if you are a novice surfer, begin a short surfing course at any of the coasts of the country. Post that, head out to several other designated beaches towards the island’s western end or move out to the east to catch a wave. Moreover, one must think where can you surf in India?

Thinking about water temperatures? Well, the water typically reaches in the bracket of the 70s at beaches of some of the southern states amid the summer sun. But, it is recommended that you arrive in wetsuits during the rest of the year. Crow’s quite thin during the fall, with weather and water remaining a bit fair in October. So, when you are here, challenge yourself with several other activities you would want to try or explore, such as fishing, scuba diving, canoeing, and kayaking.

Do you know how much it takes to learn to surf? There are quite many factors involved in such a sport. To start with, there are plenty of essential gears you might be looking for at first. However, once you know how to surf, things might either get a bit slow or can haunt you a bit. How? Well, it is all about how you perceive the activity. Tides and waves can be dangerous but it all depends on how you are willing to take it on your head. This is one of the best sports you can go for if you love the magic that beaches have to offer. So, what have you been thinking? Set sail and do not think about where can you surf in India. 

Gear Involved

Before moving onto all the beaches you can try in Long Island, you should come to terms that surfing comprises far more gear than surfing on a surfboard. Moreover, it can be challenging to figure out what you might require at first glance. So, whether you’re pretty eager to join your buds through the waves or simply do it for the love of the sport, here are some of the essential equipment or gear you will need before setting your spirits through some of the best coastlines’ water.

  • Surfboard
  • Wetsuit
  • Surfboard Leash
  • Fins
  • Wetsuit Booties
  • Surf Watch
  • Board Bag
  • Surf Wax
  • Hooded Towel

While you invest your fingers in checking out all the beaches on Maps, out there in Goa, Tamil Nadu, or Kerala, here is a list of four beaches you can check forth.

1. Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu

Location: The annual Covelong Point Surf, Music & Yoga Festival takes place every August. Moreover, you would be thrilled to know that free surfing lessons are available here.

Skill Level Required: All levels

A more ideal location that could not be asked more. All you have to do is leave the room, walk through the boardwalk, and there you’ll find your soul encircled by a friendly atmosphere and smooth swell. Surfers of every skill level and age can be located interacting and catching waves. Even though you are thinking about where can you surf in India, this is one of the best spots for you to try.

2. Pondicherry

Skill Level Required: All levels

This one has an ideal location, which can allow even a seasoned professional to test their skills. The only demerit is that a lot of surfers come here. So, expect a crowded beach when the swell and waves are in full swing. 

Once you are in Pondicherry, look for surfing classes near the coastline itself. Remember, cheaper ones might be useful but they might not know the essential ways to maneuver through the waves. So, do not compromise on quality. Instead, rely on experts and professionals that you may find near the beach. In the end, it is all about how you play with the waves. Isn’t it?

3. Varkala, Kerala

Skill Level Required: All levels

This particular beach is also every surfer’s all-time favorite, primarily because of hardcore surfers living here. This beach gets crowded, but its consistent enormous swells in the winter months are worth witnessing and experiencing.

4. Goa

Skill Level Required: All levels

Goa is known for parties, which is more than its surf. But, its coastline does have several spots that serve as ideal waves for novice surfers. The Ashwems to Arambol stretches, near the far north corner, is an ideal bet. 

Final Thoughts

The play amongst the fieriest natural factors like waves is one of the most extravagant and dangerous activities you can indulge in. remember, that the water rises between four to six feet most of the time in a year. Most significant waves do not suit novice surfers, so the ones who are starting right now need to think a lot before stepping into the enormous tides. However, that is not the case with seasoned professionals. People who have been surfing for years or decades know when to get in the water and when not to. Moreover, the best time when the tides go a bit silent is from October to December. During such a period, you will see most of the surfers taking the old guard on many coastlines of India. 

If you are thinking about where can you surf in India, well, do not fret. There are so many places in India that can not only pull your attention but also provide you with the best of experiences. Also, if you have been thinking about going to surf but do not have much to assist your traveling, you might just want to hang in there a little and buy a traveling tool or equipment for yourself. Remember, these not only make your trip a bit comfortable but also ensure you enjoy every experience.