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Long-Distance Relationship: Valentine’s Day Gifts

Long-Distance Relationship: Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s is just round the corner. This is probably one of the best time of the year for people who are in love. You get to celebrate this day with your better half and strengthen your bond. However, some people are not as fortunate. Managing a long-distance relationship can be tricky but can be even more exhausting on Valentine’s day. You might even get envious by seeing other couples planning what they will do on this day. But there is a lot that you can still do. You can make the most of this day by sending them something very special and meaningful. Here are some of the most amazing long-distance relationship gifts that you can consider for this Valentine’s Day:

Letters to Open When…

Open When Letters: long distance relationship gifts

This one is quite common. But the most special thing about this present is that you can make it extremely unique. Jot down a bunch of love notes for your partner and send them across to their city or country. Be sure that you mark them all with a specific time and situation. For instance, you can write an inspiring note for days when your partner is feeling low. Or even a romantic one for when they miss you. This way, they will be able to feel your presence everytime. They will have an excuse to open up your gift which will remind them of you. Also, by this they will be able to know what your reaction would be to different situations in their life. So romantic and thoughtful, right?

Countdown Until…

Countdown. How much time is left until :  long distance relationship gifts

We know you can’t wait to meet your partner again. So, why not get them a countdown clock that will remind them that with each passing moment, that day comes a little closer! A long-distance relationship is all about waiting and with this present you can make it a lot more special. Simply put the time you met each other and the date when you plan to meet up next. It will instantly show you in how many days you will be able to see your love again.

Phone Tripod

phone tripod: Long-Distance Relationship

We understand that your Facetime calls will be your major source of interaction. While an internet connection is also a nice present, a phone tripod makes for an even better one. A phone stand or a tripod will ensure that your partner does not get sore arms by picking up their phone to a certain angle. Many a times, they would find ways to adjust their phone but that is not an ideal solution. Instead, you can make things easy for them by gifting them a phone tripod. Also, now you would be able to get a steady and stable image of your partner.

Personalised Bracelet

bracelets personalised

A cuff bracelet personalised with your coordinates is simply an amazing gift. This bracelet will be a token of love even while being far apart from each other. With both of your latitude and longitude coordinates stamped on it, this would make for a very special gift. You can also get a secret message stamped on the inside of the bracelet making it a much more special present. A long-distance relationship is all about cherishing your love and affection while also facing a few struggles. And this is exactly what makes your love story a lot more unique. So, why not make the most of it.

Time Capsule 

 Time Capsule

Another amazing present could be a time capsule. This can be also done together. So whenever you next meet your partner, be sure to collect a few souvenirs that remind you of your time together. Watched a movie? Keep the tickets safe with you. Went to a fancy restaurant? Pick an extra tissue that you can keep with you. Just like that, you will have quite a few things that can make for a perfect present for your partner. Accumulate all these things in a nice box and pack it well. You can then send it to your partner to give them a sense of nostalgia. They will be instantly reminded of the time you both spent together. They will be taken back to those amazing moments. And what could be a better feeling than sensing your presence even while you are far apart!

No matter what kind of present you choose for your significant other, be sure that you pour in your love in it. Even a simple gift will be a lot more precious if it conveys your emotions in the purest manner possible. Even if you are far from each other, this present will bring a little closer to each other. We hope that these ideas will help you plan something amazing for your spouse on this special occasion and you will be able to make the most of it.