Reasons To Drink Lemon and Honey Water

Reasons To Drink Lemon and Honey Water

Lemon and honey are two things that are the opposite of chalk and cheese, but they provide tremendous health benefits when mixed in the right amounts. Like a balanced elixir, a powerhouse of nutrients is lemon and honey water. Several studies show that this drink helps burn fat, clears acne, and flushes the body’s toxins out. Honey is a storehouse of flavonoids and phenolic compounds, essential vitamins and minerals that are antioxidants. Super-rich in vitamin C and other vital nutrients, lemon is helpful in boosting immunity, detoxification, slowing the emptying period of the stomach and improving digestive health.

Lemon and Honey Water benefits:

Helps in Digestion


 Digestive System: Lemon and Honey Water

The daily intake of lemon honey water, an excellent health tonic, will help keep your digestive system safe. Drinking lemon water with honey increases the production of stomach acid secretion and bile secretion. This helps to quickly and systematically break down food items and to seamlessly consume nutrients. A feeling of bloating and flatulence in the stomach may result from undigested food. Drinking honey with lemon helps to enhance bowel movement so that excretion is a smooth process.

Helps in body detoxification


 get rid of toxins in your body: Lemon and Honey Water

Honey and lemon benefits can include keeping the body free of toxic and harmful free radicals that contribute to constipation, acne, or several other problems. The lifestyle of today has increased the chances of exposing the body to chemicals and fertilizers. The accumulation of contaminants in the tissues of the skin, liver, and respiratory tract results in ozone, unhealthy eating habits, and other external factors. Therefore, drinking lemon & honey with hot water allows the body to detoxify. It provides an important tonic for the liver that helps to boost its function by neutralizing the body’s harmful free radicals.

Clears the Skin


Clear Skin : Lemon and Honey Water

Tired of trying every treatment to make your skin clear of acne and pimples under the sun? Turn to drink hot water during the day with honey and lemon and see the problem vanish over a period of time. Lemon has qualities that regulate oil and also helps to extract excess oil from the skin’s surface. The citric acid contained in it assists the digestive system to flush out free radicals and other harmful chemicals. Although most people apply lemon directly to the face, it may not be appropriate for all types of skin. Therefore, drinking a lemon and honey concoction with hot water does not pose such a hazard.

Helps build Immunity


 Boost Your Immune System : Lemon and Honey Water

The honey lemon drink is also great for immune enhancement. It lets you stay healthy from common infections and diseases caused by the change of season. Drinking this blend on a daily basis will minimize the incidence of colds, flu, and other allergies in you. Honey is abundant in antioxidants, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, and has medicinal qualities; it helps to hold infections at bay and also helps to recover from the disease.

Weight Loss


 Lose Weight : Lemon and Honey Water

In hot water, a glass of lemon and honey helps increase metabolism and control bowel movement. Both of which mean that inside the body there is no accumulation of harmful toxins that sometimes become the source of individuals becoming overweight. Drinking this concoction on an empty stomach will get your system in fat-burning mode first thing in the morning, thereby making you feel fit, safe, and light during the day. Much like green tea, by increasing the rate of metabolism, honey-lemon water helps one lose weight. It also helps you feel fuller, helping you lose a couple of kilos. It will keep you hydrated with honey and lemon water and help you maintain a healthy weight. Before a meal, try drinking a glass of honey and lemon water. This will fill you up, resulting in less calorie consumption. To lower your calorie intake, you can also substitute sugary sodas and drinks with this drink.

Throat Infection Remedy


 remedies for a sore throat : Lemon and Honey Water

Citrus foods help to alleviate the problem of the sore or irritated throat, contrary to common opinion. Lemon helps to thin the mucus which thus makes it easier to throw it up. On the other side, honey has peroxides that serve as a disinfectant for the bacteria causing the virus. It also helps to suppress excessive phlegm and mucus production and to dry the respiratory tract, thus regulating cases of cough.

Boosts Energy


Boost Energy : Lemon and Honey Water

Honey has wonderful bacteria-killing qualities. Another great health advantage of using honey is the boost of energy that honey can offer. It will give you a nice energy boost when you add honey to your diet and is much healthier than sugar or sugar substitutes that are available today.

Helps Flush Out Toxins


Detox : Lemon and Honey Water

You can also help flush out toxins from your body by consuming honey and lemon water. This will keep the body free of radicals and contaminants that contribute to constipation and breakouts. Our wellbeing is adversely impacted by modern lifestyles, poor eating patterns, pollutants, and toxic chemicals. The accumulation of toxins in the body contributes to these external causes. Every day, drinking honey and lemon water will help you get rid of your body’s toxins. Honey and lemon water operate by neutralizing the effects of these free radicals as an effective liver tonic.

Our health is one of the most precious gifts we have. And with just a simple trick, you can avail so many health benefits. So, what are you waiting for. Grab that glass of water and squeeze in some lemon juice and dribble a spoon full of honey. And you are good to go!