Tech Savvy Gifts For Tech Geeks

The world is evolving at a very fast pace. With the kind of technological innovations taking place each minute, and for every product in the market, it becomes far-fetched, searching for any product or device that will last the desired term. Development and invention is the name of the game today, and when it comes to checking out the latest devices or gizmos to gift to a tech-savvy soul, it is a task next to impossible. Although tech-gadgets make for a much-desired gift, it is equally demanding and impossible to please the tech-obsessed recipients because almost all technology lovers are well equipped with the latest & trending widgets. So buy tech savvy gifts for tech geeks right away.

But on the contrary, the good thing is that these people are always wanting the latest upgrades. If the person you wish to gift is your friend or spouse or sibling or your parents, we at Geek Monkey offer a wide range of techie gifts that are not only in tune with the trends but are also high on utility and easy on the pocket. Make your gadget guy freak out on all occasions.

A glimpse from our exhaustive range of best tech-gifts is showcased under for your ready reference and will definitely please the giftee. Hurry, grab a deal today before the stocks are sold out.

Splash Proof Bluetooth Speaker

Whether you are trekking or camping or on a picnic with friends or family, never miss out on your favorite music with Geek Monkey’s splash-proof Bluetooth speaker. Made of durable silicone material having a matte finish and as the name suggests, the very handy musical gear is water-resistant and shockproof as well, making it ideal for an outdoor rendezvous. The speaker is designed to deliver powerful sound for up to 4-5 hours, all thanks to its powerful battery backup.

This Bluetooth speaker is equipped with 4.1 transmissions, having a rating of 2mW, produces the correct balance of bass and sound to liven up your moments. It has the capacity to go extra loud as well which makes a musical beast, much in demand. Truly an ideal gifting option for all occasions.

Self Balancing Hover Board With Blue Tooth


Needless to say anything about the chaotic life in metro cities due to excessive vehicles and roadblocks. Commuting has become a nuisance and one of the most undesirable activities, and even if it has to be done unwillingly, then getting a parking space is another headache. And to top it all, valuable time is much wasted due to heavy traffic. Not anymore with ‘Self Balancing Hover Board Scooter’, the new portable transport system of the modern world. 

Powered with a 400W motor and heavy-duty rechargeable 36V Li-on battery and having tires size of 6.5 inches, the Hover has a distance and climbing capacity of up to 12 km, at a top speed of 12km/hr. This new-age transport can carry a maximum load of 100kgs. When not in use or reaching the destination, it can be carried easily in a back-pack, all thanks to its weight, which is under 10kgs. Break free and cruise freely on this modern transport. So, buy tech savvy gifts for tech geeks today.

3D Skull Shaped Lighter Butane Gas Lighter

Identify with the Gothic Culture or an ardent lover of death rock or a biker-aka-Ghost Rider. Post that, know that this ‘Skull Shaped Butane Lighter’ is the gift you had been waiting for. Skulls remind us of a life beyond life and invite us to make the most of it. They have a significant appeal associated with them. And, if ever there has been a consistency that has remained unchanged, it is the skull.

This innovative and compact memento is easy to carry and light in weight. It is water-resistant and made of high-quality durable metal. Its ornamental appearance makes it an ideal collectible and its utility makes it a survival tool when on an adventure or while camping etc.

The Piglet Mirror with Fan and LED

Technology and innovation have really made our life easy, and this unique offering from Geek Monkey is no less than a treat for all the people who love tech-savvy things rolling up their sleeves. Here’s your personal fan that comes with an LED light makeup mirror. With this, you can now apply your makeup during breaks as well. So what do you think of it guys? It is time for you to stay beautiful all the time and enjoy this cooling effect provided by the piglet mirror.

The present comes with high-quality ABS and has a robust structure, along with being pressure-resistant. Moreover, the mirror is pocket-friendly and has a very compact design to top it all. If you want to keep it with you in a bag, it will not take much of your space. Instead, it will allow you to keep more in the bag with it already being there. Tech savvy gifts for tech geeks are ought to be safe whenever possible since they are technology-centric. Also, while packing the gifts, you can keep papers around the mirror to avoid smudges.

Final Thoughts

In the end, all you need is the best gift for your friends, family members, or special ones. This is to make sure that everything you need for them is of top quality. So, what if we tell you that you have come to the right place. Here, with Geek Monkey, you do not have to do anything but check the gifts that are tech-savvy. You can either watch some of the best gifts or get to watch a video or two to know how you can experiment with gifts. This will make sure that you are not letting another person down by gifting a bad gift. After all, it is the best you could do. So, get the tech savvy gifts for tech geeks today.