Gifts For Children’s Day

Children’s Day is an annual celebratory day marking the declaration of Child Rights all across the globe. The purpose behind its observance is to promote universal togetherness and consciousness amongst children worldwide for improving their welfare. That is why gifts for Children’s Day is important. 

Although International Children’s Day was first announced officially in Geneva in 1925 during the World Conference on Child Welfare, its ceremonial practice started in 1950 in almost all the countries to uplift and empower the future generation. Moreover, in 1959, on the 20th of November, the UN General Assembly adopted the declaration of child rights which became the most widely recognized treaty in history as it transformed millions of children’s lives around the world. Currently, it is not universally celebrated on a specific date because its observance has become country-specific, in accordance with their respective constitutions or in remembrance of their leaders and/or academicians.

Significance of Children’s Day 

Children’s Day is celebrated in India on the 14th of November every year as a tribute to the nation’s first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru. His affection and concern for children were recognized and appreciated and thus his birthday is exclusively observed for children. Nehru always advocated for a fulfilled education for every child and identified one and all like the real strength and future of India. This day many educational, cultural, and motivational programs are held across the country by children of all ages.

Children’s Day provides us an opportunity to advocate for a better world for children. Also, we all, as parents and academicians, as leaders and social activists, as business houses and media professionals, need to play an active role in building platforms for children to pursue their dreams, invigorate their leadership abilities, and strengthen them to build a better and more sustainable world for all. Let us pledge towards putting children first and get the best gifts for Children’s Day.

Robot Coin Bank with Rhymes, Bank and Desk Light

In the wake of the current pandemic and the economic turmoil it has created globally, it is the need of the hour to make amends in our conduct and behavior towards our existence and for a better future. It is an urgent necessity for us all to earn smartly, spend intelligently, and save a substantial part of contingencies and/or investments. Savings should be made imperative in these tough times and need to be taught to our future generations as well. Furthermore, we should instill a habit of savings and learning and equip our children with wisdom and foresight. Geek Monkey offers you just what you desire for your kids, a multi-tasking battery-operated robot coin bank with rhymes and desk light.

Equip your child with saving habits along-with imparting primary education through a variety of rhymes. So, get your kid this password-protected coin bank and bring joy and fun to his learning years. What are you waiting for? Get the best gifts for Children’s Day and make every child around you ecstatic.

Doctor Gift – Dashing Doctor Coat Style Pen Stand

In view of the current pandemic of COVID-19 and its effect in every nook and corner of the planet, the only shield we have against it is the medical fraternity. Also, the doctors are the only warriors fighting this enemy for us. They are the only lifeline available at hand who are working round the clock to keep us safe and healthy. And, seem to be the only hope at present. Indeed you need to recognize and honor the new avatars and make them a role model for the next generation, our kids.

To honor these super-heroes, the doctors, and frontline medical warriors, Geek Monkey brings to you a pen stand in the shape of a doctor’s coat as a tribute and in remembrance of their contribution to saving human lives.

Wait no more, order immediately for yourself and your kids, as a symbol of gratitude towards them. 

Ride on Kids Suitcase

Call it natural or it could be due to early exposure to different kinds of 2-wheelers, today’s kids fancy them even before they start their schooling. Of all objects of desire, bi-wheeler is an undisputed winner amongst children. Owning one and riding it is every child’s dream. This aspiration of kids inspired us to offer you a fulfilling option for your next-gen kid, a Skootcase. It is a suitcase designed as a scooty. Having it as a prized possession will definitely make him feel on top of the world. Your child will leave no stone unturned in flaunting it and demanding admiration. And when it’s holiday time with family, prepare yourself to face a rock star in your kid. And, that too with all his personal belongings for the trip, stacked up in his Skootcase.

DIY Paint by Numbers Kit

Every child is unique and naturally empowered. The only difference is the channelization of their abilities. As a parent or an elder, it is our duty to identify the potential of our kids. And, then guide them towards mastering their strengths. Geek Monkey brings to you DIY Paint by Number Kit for those kids who have an artistic inclination. But, they are afraid to put it in colors. Get your child out of skepticism or shyness with this unique paint kit. It is as simple as can be imagined. Just follow the numbered assistance and paint a masterpiece with the brush.

A printed image on a wooden frame mounted canvas is up there while you make it with numbers for easy direction. Paint by numbers kit comes in various print designs to choose from. Make sure to gift it to all the children in the family to draw them closer to artistic creativity.

If you are thinking of what to gift to children, here is a guide that you can check for ideas. Gifts for Children’s Day is just a moment you cannot missout on. Moreover, you can get a subscription to Hotstar Disney to make children watch their best-animated movies. You can also order the best food in town from Swiggy and get them excited. Isn’t it a happy treat?