Celebrate Durga Ashtami With Geek Monkey 

Durga Ashtami, the eighth day during the Durga Puja Festival is one of the most auspicious and revered days. this spans for over a ten-day Indian festival. This day marks the victory of Goddess Durga over the evil buffalo demon, Mahishasura. It gets celebrated with great sincerity and worshipped with absolute dedication. In almost all regions of the nation, rigorous fasting is also mandatorily undertaken by people this day. Public gatherings in various puja pandals get organized and people dance to the Garba tune. And, that too in traditional and colorful dresses. Celebrate Durga Ashtami this season with Geek Monkey’s worthwhile gifting options.

This day there is another tradition of honoring young girls where people invite them to their household and offer them new clothes, traditional food, and sweets with the belief that they are the energy and strength of Goddess Durga. Women are the center stage during the festival as a clear reminder of how women held a lot more position and power in ancient India.

The festival of worshipping Goddess Durga in nine forms is also widely popular in neighboring countries. In many regions, particularly the eastern part of India, even the weapons of the deity get ritually worshipped as Astra Puja, whereas in the southern part people also worship their computers, vehicles & equipment as an expression of gratitude for the blessings received and as a commitment of performing all work as worship.

Before the festivities spread over ten days might make you forgetful of other important issues, geek Monkey would like to remind you in advance about something very vital; gifting mementos to all your loved ones. Just log in to geekmonkey.in and choose all your gifting requirements from our inexhaustible range.

Catch Me Never – Motion Sensor Toy

This beeping minion, the sensor toy will surely remind you of Houdini, who could not be held captive and had the ability to escape from all situations. The catch me never road runner has the capacity to escape all hindrances in its way. With sensors located on its top, when it detects your approach, it speeds away out of your reach twisting randomly with flashing lights and beeping sounds. It never runs in a straight line and can even turn and retrieve quickly when it hits an obstacle with its built-in high-speed wheels. When the toy goes into sleeping mode due to non-usage, just tap it to restart. And if it doesn’t wake up, change the batteries. 

It is a perfect playing companion and a great entertainer for kids and pets and is completely safe for their usage as it gets made from non-toxic and eco-friendly plastic. Celebrate Durga Ashtami this season and bring home this catch me never sensor toy.

Best Wishes Couple Night Light 

Never let down or disappoint your loving souls this coming festival season because this is the perfect time to express your love and care for them. Remember to remember them in the most affectionate way through a well thought out gift. Geek Monkey brings to you a unique memento; a couple of night lamp to send your good wishes to your love/spouse or an adorable couple who are close to your heart also.

This décor accessory made of durable resin has a couple romantically sitting with their backs to each other with a glowing light above them. It makes for an ideal gifting option for almost all occasions and can be there wherever you please; bedsides, living rooms, or work stations.

Self Balancing 6.5 Scooter Hover Board With Blue Tooth LED Speaker Scooter

Behold, the show-stopper of all gifting mementos is here. Geek Monkey proudly presents the Self Balancing Hover Board Scooter for your unimaginable gifting choice. The 6.5” tire sized portable machine has a power of 400-W and equipped with a 36-V 4400 mAh rechargeable battery for a longer ride. Use it on even surfaces up to a maximum speed of 12km/hr with a carrying capacity of up to 100 kgs. It also needs to be especially there. And, that is that the portable scooter weighs under 10 kilos and recharges within 2 hours. Celebrate Durga Ashtami with this one of the best-LED speaker scooters. Moreover, find it only at Geek Monkey’s website.

DIY Paint by Number Kit in India

If you have the desire to be a painting artist but are skeptical of trying your hands on it, worry not. Geek Monkey’s Numbered Paint Kits will help you overcome your fears and turn you into a painter the easiest way. The DIY numbered kit is as easy as a child’s play. The numbers on the kit act as an assistant and guide and turn you into a proud artist. Just pick up the brush and paint the image marked with numbers for easy guidance, on the canvas mounted on the wooden frame. Choose your kit from multiple design options, paint it, or gift it on all occasions.

Candidly Classy Real Flower Bracelet

This real flower bracelet may seem small but is a powerful medium to express your feelings towards your close-to-heart souls. Geek Monkey offers you this memento with a combination of love and nature in a very distinctive way. This special gift is an elusive piece of artwork having a real flower enclosed in its glass. And, it makes for a quirky present this coming festive season.

These gifts are not only your best friend on a day such as this but also one of the best options you can hope for. So, get home one of these gifts and Celebrate Durga Ashtami joyously. Also, order some of the best deal-occupied recipes from Swiggy. That is to make the day of your loved ones a fruitful one to enjoy and unwind. So, what are you waiting for guys?