Gift Ideas For Diwali

In India, the importance of festivities is significant. People amid these demographics tend to celebrate festivals more than special days. In a country, which is driven by culture and traditional practices, it is important to know the background of each one of them. As an individual, you should study the background of traditional practices and festivals of the country to understand why do people adore every emotion behind it. Diwali, for instance, is the major festival celebrated in India. Around this time of the year, people love to spend time watching Ramayana, Ram-Leela, and spend time with their loved ones. Not only does this time accommodate several emotions, but it also brings a lot of joy on the faces of every citizen. This was the day when good won over evil. The day when Lord Ram defeated Ravana. Moreover, when it comes to buying presents for such an occasion, you need to think about some of the best gift ideas for Diwali.

If you are thinking from a corporate perspective, one of the essential things to think about is the line of presents for employees. Yes, you heard it right. As an employer, there is a magnitude of preparations that you need to commit to. Some of these either can be your gifting options and some can revolve around bonuses. Every bit of what you think around such an occasion affects the nature of your employees. That is because they need to feel motivated while working for your organization. Moreover, when it comes to families, it gets quite challenging to find some gifting options that would do justice to the entire occasion. So, let’s do a quick rundown of some of the best gifting options.

Shining Stars LED Light Curtain

Diwali is a festival of lights. As a result, lights play a considerable role in the history of this festival. However, you need to be specific when it comes to thinking of presenting gifts on such a day. So, how about buying LED star lights on the day of Diwali to beautify your house? Since buying dia plays a vital significance, an LED light is not far behind it. These lights give you ample light with a dozen of twinkling stars hanging with the help of wires. Known as one of the best gift ideas for Diwali, LED light curtain can be used both outdoors and indoors. You can shift these lights to your garden to amplify its beauty or simply install it in your living room. It would be magnificent to welcome your guests on such a day with shining stars welcoming them through to the house.

The product comes with 6 small and 6 big stars along with 138 LED string lights, which set as a curtain. It has a length of around 2 meters or 6 feet. Such an LED light curtain also consumes less amount of power and stays cool even if you keep them open for extended periods. With IP 44 waterproof level, utilize these LED string lights all around the house.

Blooming Lotus Metal Urli

In India, we treat our guests next to Gods – “Atithi Devo Bhava.” Urli is a special mention amid our homes whenever we welcome the guests home. This is the traditional practice that our land practices. Furthermore, any festival in India is not complete without festive decor. As a result, we bring forward this beautiful metal urli, which is a large bowl of water filled with fragrance. People keep the bowl right at the entrance for people to enter with an elevated mind and emotion. 

You can buy this metal urli from Geek Monkey’s Diwali special gifting options and add it right at your door. Add leaves and some fragrant flower petals in the bowl and make it more mesmerizing for your guests and family members. You can even throw in some tea lights that can float. This will help you create a mesmerizing atmosphere around. Don’t fret as this gift can become one of the best gift ideas for Diwali or any other occasion that you would want to celebrate in the future.

Hold me High – Golden Metal Planter

Who does not like planters around inside the home area? Well, everybody! Not only do these planters elevate the beautification of the surrounding area but also add a soothing element. Since color palettes are yet another thing that gives your home a destined look, adding these metal planters against a white wall with greenery blossoming out of them can be relishing. Isn’t it? You have the option to accentuate every corner of your house with these hold me high planters. Place it in your bedroom, living room, or in the corners of your backyard, they are simply breathtaking.

You can play with white, green, and brown colors when it comes to increasing the essence of expressive colors. Furthermore, these golden metal planters are easy to maintain and clean coupled with removable pots. This stable stand is easy to stand since it has four legs along with a metal top that can support the entire pot at the top. Even the pot is easy to clean and can be detached easily. You can simply place indoor plants directly amid the planter without any further ado. Don’t you think this golden color will provide you with a royal look? The entire height of every planter here lies between 15.5 inches to 18 inches, from small to big size. So, don’t waste any time as this is one of the best gift ideas for Diwali.

Magic Glow in Dark Bedsheet

Bedrooms don’t look personalized unless they have catching elements. However, when it comes to bedsheets, a bed looks extremely vacant in its appeal. So, how about gifting a beautiful bedsheet this Diwali. This bedsheet has a dreamy and magical appeal and color to it. The reactive prints have a soft-feel and the fabric is glazed cotton. So, what are you waiting for? Being one of the best gift ideas for Diwali, this magic glow in a dark bedsheet does justice to the entire occasion. You can also order some scrumptious food from any food delivery site to accentuate your festive night.