The Importance of Car Accessories

Owning a car is a dream of every machine lover. The passion that goes into procuring one is unexplainable. Apart from it being an object of desire, some people acquire it to ease out their traveling needs, while some add to their collection as a fashion statement. Whatever be the reason, we all should remember that a considerable amount of time gets spent by us on the wheels. And, it is this reason why we need to bring ease to our driving and make our dream machine as comfortable as possible. And, that is with the right kind of accessories installed in them. The car accessories should not only assist us but should also add value and style to the car and its performance.

Before getting on further with car accessories, we would like to remind you of one thing. As COVID-19 all across the globe has immensely affected each one of us, it may have had its toll on our cars as well. That is because they were idly parked instead of hitting the roads. We would like to highlight some easy tips for your car’s easy care and maintenance as under.

  • Maintain your car battery

To avoid battery draining out and its subsequent replacement, make sure to recharge it. That is by idly running your car in the garage for 10-15 minutes every week.

  • Wash it up

Wash out all the dust and dirt accumulated on the car. Dirt has an uncanny habit of building up very fast and damage the paint and body of the vehicle. Remember to clean the inside as well, lest crawling creatures and rodents damage your machine.

  • Check out your tires also 

Make a habit of checking out tires of your car. Make sure to run your vehicle every week for a couple of miles otherwise the rubber on the tires might harden and need replacement.

  • Get your car fully serviced

If your area restrictions have eased out or on the verge of easing up, do one thing. Your top priority should be to get your car completely serviced. Get the entire vehicle scanned, go for oil, and filters replacement before hitting the road. Even non-usage leads to wear and tear of the machines.

Coming back to making life easier with car accessories, Geek Monkey is happy to offer you a wide range to choose from. A few have been mentioned to help you out.

Rear View Mirror Phone Holder

Life without a cell-phone is unimaginable in the present times. A mobile phone is not only the best communication tool, but it is also the most reliable navigator. Use it to go places, but with utmost care. Even a slight mix-up in its usage while could land you in a great fix. To keep you protected while on the road, Geek Monkey brings to you this mobile holder which gets easily mounted on your rearview mirror for you to cruise along without any distractions. Hang your cell-phone right in front of your eyes and use it without compromising on your safety while on the go. When not in motion, use the holder to watch your favorite videos.

The holder is universally adjustable at almost all car mirrors and the arms get well padded to keep your mobile phone intact, without damaging it. isn’t it one of the best car accessories? 

Foldable Car Meal Tray cum Cup Holder

One of the biggest inconveniences while traveling in a car is managing food packets and drinks. Not anymore. Geek Monkey brings to you a unique meal tray to take care of your munching and drinking even while in motion. The meal tray with a cup holder is an ideal car companion to hold your favorite snacks & beverages and enhances your car décor as well. Made from unbreakable plastic material, this foldable and space-saving meal tray is light in weight yet durable enough to last a lifetime. Use it to hold meals/snacks, bottles/cans while on the go, without stopping and wasting time.

Insulated Thermal Sipper/Travel Mugs/Vacuum Cup

Although it does not feature in the list of car accessories, this insulated thermal sipper is a utility accessory every car must possess. Imagine you are traveling through the countryside or on an unending highway and you are desirous of having a chilled drink or a hot beverage but are unable to find. Geek Monkey offers you a true traveling companion for your thirst needs. This very concern of every traveler inspired us to develop this sleek and portable travel gear; Insulated Travel Bottle. Always keep it in your car and gift it to your loved ones who are always on the go.

Car Trash Bin

Do not litter. This utility article from Geek Monkey is sure enough to give you freedom from trash and waste littered by kids and co-passengers. That tiring exercise of cleaning out the dirt from the vehicle is a thing of the past. Not only does it keep your car spic and span, but it also encourages keeping roads and environment clean. The Trash Bin’s compact design makes it convenient to fix it at a number of places within the car. The removable hooks are especially there to hold the bin at a variety of places, like at the back of your seat headrest, on the glove box door, on the inner sides, etc.

If you are not aware of their importance, know that these pieces are pivotal for you to travel with. Also, make sure that the importance of car accessories do not get defeated. After all, small and meager things add up to the whole occasion. These car accessories make sure that you have all the nitty-gritty things intact and ready to load in the car. This serves amazingly well while you are traveling with the family. Moreover, if you want to add something else watch a video or two on YouTube to get more creative ideas.