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Why is Grass Always Greener on The Other Side

Why is Grass Always Greener on The Other Side

There is no harm in dreaming and wanting. Well, that is how we achieve more. Gone are those days when your destiny was in the hands of your circumstances. These days people set their own path and lead it with pride. The thought of being able to dream gives a sense of satisfaction to an individual.

But there are times when you find yourself losing and unable to fulfill your dreams. You start comparing yourself to others who are already at your desired stature or the people who do have to face the hardships that you are confronting. Whenever you come across something you are lacking, you start lose control over your sentiments. While this make break a few, this turns into a motivation that keeps them going.

The basic human nature compels us to want what we don’t have. It is commonly observed that if we are not able to fight this pressure, we indulge in false means to attain our goals. This is because we yearn to achieve our goals in little or no time. To achieve this, people gets involved in felonious act. So, how to chance this ideology and how to achieve your goals the right way? Let us ponder more as to why grass is always greener on the other side:

The 3 Cs

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There is one formula commonly used by such manipulators known as (the 3 Cs). The first C stands for ‘Convincing’. The second C stands for ‘Confusing ‘. The third C comes into picture when both of these tactics fail. This C which stands for ‘Corruption.’ It is a famous saying-  “If you can’t convince them, confuse them; if you can’t confuse them, corrupt them”.

If we go little deeper and think that why we are not getting gripped tighter and tighter every day, we realize that we as human beings, want a life with pure air, fresh vegetables, pollution free atmosphere to breathe in. But at the same time, we also want the best infrastructure, excellent amenities, and a truly cosmopolitan life. This tells us how greedy mankind is. We always yearn for more and more.

It is Time to Take Inspiration from Others’ Life

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On the other hand, we have a handful people in our society they really have tremendous control over their senses. These are the people who are able to achieve their goals in life by suppressing their desires and wants to an extent that all they care about is their utter requirements. By differentiating between their wants and needs, they are able to ensure that only focus on the grass in their own garden rather than peeking outside the fence.

The classical live example is of Dr Tapan Kumar Lahiri a retired cardiothoracic surgeon in India. He is a former professor at the Department of Cardio-thoracic Surgery of the Institute of Medical Sciences at Banaras Hindu University. He is also awarded Padma Shri by The Government of India for his contributions to medicine in the year 2016. Dr Lahiri joined Banaras Hindu University in the year 1974.

Appointed as a professor, Dr Lahiri does not accept salary. He is providing his services to humanity free of cost after his retirement at same University hospital. He merely takes the amount that helps him manage food for himself. Even after his retirement, he visits the campus on a regular basis and is the first person to reach his department to offer his free services to the poor and needy patients. This attitude of Dr Lahiri is nothing but a classical example of not wanting what he doesn’t have but to share out what he has in excess. He is one of the people who has spent their life for the betterment of the society.

Patu Keswani is another personality who has helped a number of people. He is the chairman and director of Lemon Tree Hotels. He gives special advantage to disabled people and employ as staff members in the hotel. 10 percent of the country’s population comes under the category of ‘disabled’ and most of them are jobless. And Mr Keswani ensured that he would recruit as many people with hearing, speech disabilities, and with Down’s syndrome.

Chandrawati Saru, Venkatraman, and Anand Kumar are a few other people who have bestowed their life for selfless deeds. Everyone should definitely know more about these personalities and about their life. People should take inspiration from them. These people are a gift to mankind.

To conclude I would like to say that one must learn to control their desires and steer clear from materialism. Because at the end of the day, it is only your good deeds through which you and your life will always be remembered by.