The Art of Gift Giving

Gifting is an exciting social ritual that brings cheer to the moods of both, giver and recipient. It is an expressive activity that requires artistic and creative behavior. A well thought out present can bring joy to the occasion and improves relationships. The art of gift giving is a desire to express our care and affection for that important person in our life.

Gift the best you can and afford it. Best gifts may not necessarily have to be expensive; if they carry your feelings and concern then they are bound to leave a great impression. You just need to understand the recipient and assure it with his/her taste. Relatable presents fall into the category of well-thought-out and convincing gifts. In case the person you intend to gift is just an acquaintance, then in such situations, you just need to present him/her a gift that speaks of you and reflects your persona. It is the warmth of your character that is expressed through gifting and is all that counts. Remember that we humans are social animals and personal relationships hold a very high place in each of our lives.

Gifting may seem to be a simple exercise but make no mistake, treat this social tradition with utmost care. To make gift-giving meaningful and satiating, follow the below mentioned essential guide to gifting.

Do not gift in quantity

Prefer to give just a gift in place of a number of gifts from Geek Monkey. You can buy one expensive present in the place of many that you might be thinking of. A comparison between your gifts might land you in an undesirable situation. Think economically and choose intelligently.

Gift something of utility

If unsure, go ahead and ask the recipient of his/her requirement. It may sound imprecise but it surely will ease the burden of shopping blindly. On the contrary, you might even be appreciated for your concern and gesture.

Gift an experience to those who are undesirous of any article or device. Do something instead of giving something. Gift a favorite movie screening or a play-act or an outing and a vacation. Moreover, gift a sumptuous treat at the recipient’s favorite location. Items are bound to fade out from the memory but experiences will last a lifetime. That is because the art of gift giving is beyond words.

Whatever be the reason or the occasion, gifting activity has been in practice since the existence of the earliest civilizations simply because it connects and reinforces one being with the other. As a relationship is integral for human existence, the exchange of gifts is equally important for cementing them.

Below are some occasions where it is mandatory to give gifts. Even if there aren’t any reasons, find one and bring cheer to your dear one.


It is a date in every calendar that couples would never like to forget. It is a day, reminiscent of their journey together and is not only a day for being pampered by spouse and family, but is also an occasion when love is in the air and is the only language being spoken all around. Speak out your love and make your spouse, your parents, and/or your dear ones feel very special this day.


It is an event that is eagerly awaited and celebrated every year by one and all. Just as the kids wait for this day to stockpile a variety of gifts, the elderly also look forward to their birthdays for family gatherings and to spend quality time with each member. A gift is also welcome provided it caters to the needs of the recipient. That is why one should adhere to the emotion of the art of gift giving.

Baby Shower or New Arrival

No experience can even come closer to parenthood. Blessing in the form of a baby is the most awaited moment for every parent and family member. Be it a baby shower day or a new arrival day, the occasion calls for a grand celebration. Exchange greetings, shower blessings on the mother-to-be, and/or the new member in the household with a thought out gift for the occasion.

Proposing Love 

One of the most important and anxiously awaited moments in every adult life is proposing someone you deeply love. It may sound easy but is undeniably the most difficult task to go through. Make things easier for yourself, don’t let anxiety downplay the moment; choose a gift for the occasion to lift the romantic mood and moment. Remember, a well thought out gift has the ability to speak out loudly for you and make things easier.

Gratitude and Appreciation

Humans are social beings, which make it difficult for us all to stay alone and in isolation. We require people and relations for our survival. To bond with each other and to consolidate relationships, gestures of gratitude towards them and the appreciation of their existence in your life is all that is required. And what better way to speak it out through gift(s) and the art of gift giving.

To Apologize

We all make mistakes, after all, we are humans. Mistakes can ruin relations. Build them back again, realize your wrongdoings, and apologize. If you are finding it difficult, make it easy, express it with a gift. Remember, where words fail, gifts speak. So, do not miss out on one of the best ways to celebrate. You can also blend it by coupling the gift with a bunch of surprises your loved one can’t even think of. You can watch a video or two to take note of the best ideas.