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‘Feel Good’ Things That Can Bring a Smile Your Face Instantly

‘Feel Good’ Things That Can Bring a Smile Your Face Instantly

Our life is full of quandaries and chaos. In our hectic lives we often forget to treat ourselves with something special. Our monotonous routine can easily take a toll on our happiness and even our mental health. But this does not mean that we should neglect the things that are happening around us, especially when these things can bring a smile on our face. These are the things that help us forget all our worries and issues for a few moments after which we are back in the rat race. Although you are aware of all these things, let us reminiscence those moments and appreciate those little ‘feel good’ things that probably helped you get through a long and tiring day:

The First Monsoon Rain

Rain feel good smile

Now, everyone would have their own special story to tell about their first monsoon rain. You might have not carried your umbrella to work with you. Well, lucky you, you got a chance to experience the first rain in the best manner. Although you might have reached office late or called off a plan for the day, but wasn’t it worth it? Pause for a moment and think how special the first rain is. Finally, the scorching sun on a break and you can enjoy the cool breeze hitting your face. However, people at home can experience it in a much better way. Maybe cook some pakoras and a cup of ginger tea while they gaze at the water gushing down and smell the petrichor emanating from the earth surface.

A Surprise Presentsurprise gift box feel good smile

Something special when comes unexpectedly brings in more happiness and joy. Remember the last time you got a surprise gift? The moment you get to know that someone has taken out time from their hectic schedule to get you a meaningful and thoughtful present makes it so special. They wanted you to feel that way because they love and admire you. All they wish for is a smile on your face when you unwrap that present. Now, that you are thinking about it, it is time to appreciate them and their efforts. They would love to hear from you and know how much you liked the present.

The Smell of Books

This is something that bibliomaniacs will understand. They would often find themselves discreetly sniffing the well-thumbed pages of their favourite novels. Well, this is one of the most common ‘feel good’ things, but rarely ever discussed. But no matter if you discuss it with your friends at the book ready group, you still enjoy it. There are various reasons why people might like to try and catch a whiff of the pages of their books. To some, the smell of books might remind them of certain things. And the fact that it has a sense of nostalgia attached to it, makes it quite soothing and calming.

A Lavish Weekend Breakfast

Weekend Breakfast feel good smile

Well, to be honest, the thought of weekend is enough to put a smile on your face. But waking up comfortably at your home without the stress of getting late for office and to be able to enjoy a breakfast or if you wish to wake up late – a brunch. Now that is how you get enjoy your weekend in the best possible way. Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, today you get to enjoy it to the fullest. While relishing your comfort food and taking a sip of your coffee or juice, you can plan your day ahead. You can either do something creative or maybe go shopping or just spend the day at leisure. Trust me, you deserve it.

A Baby Grabbing Your Finger

Baby Grabbing Finger Feel Good



Whether it is your own offspring or your sibling’s, the innocent touch of a baby is something that cannot be matched by anything else in this world. The moment you hold a new-born baby, you find yourself extremely responsible. But the fact this new soul in your arms brings you utter joy and happiness. And the moment the baby stretches their arm to grab your finger, would make you feel so special. Their cubby and warm hands grabbing your finger is a feeling that no words would be able to describe. And you would have not expected how strong they are when you actually are ready to bid farewell.

We are sure that thinking about these moments would leave you smiling and reminiscing them all over again. And we know that you would have a number of such ‘feel good’ things of your own that can bring a smile to anyone’s face. So, be sure that you comment down below and share such experiences with everyone. You never know when you may bring happiness to someone else’s life. Keep smiling, keep spreading happiness!