5 gifts for this International Friendship Day

Want to count your wealth? Simply count the number of friends you have and know your net-worth. Rich are those who have a true friend; richer are the ones who have many. Living life is simple, but living a cheerful life is difficult; friends make it happen, easily. A friend is a joy forever, a shoulder for all supports through thick and thin in life, and a true partner for life. Since International friendship day is not that far, it is important to plan ahead.

He/she is a soul who is ever willing to offer unconditional support and free from all kinds of judgments. The kind of love and acceptance that any human desires are exactly what the friends provide. It doesn’t matter if you are crazy, stupid, or intelligent because so is your friend.

Friendship is truly the greatest bond between individuals. It is a relationship beyond comprehension. Friendship brings joy to our existence, it teaches us to love and be compassionate about relations outside our family. Be original, be yourself in the company of friends. In simple words, having a true friend makes one’s life meaningful and worthwhile.

Strengthen your bond with your friend this friendship day, gift him/her a memento as a token of your love and gratitude. Need an idea for an appropriate gift for your friend? Just visit us at geekmonkey.in to check out some of the best friendship day gifts.

Also, have a look below at some shortlisted items from our inexhaustible range.

1. Anti-Slip Phone Holder with Number Display


Looking for something suitable for your traveler mate this international friendship day? Your search ends here. Geek Monkey brings to you this dashboard mount anti-skid car mat, a perfect holder for your cell phones, sunshades, coins, etc. while on the go. Make traveling simple with this novel gift item made from high-quality anti-skid plastic material and innovatively designed to suit your utility needs. Do not miss the silicon numerical display highlighting your mobile number for people to contact you in case of an emergency.

In case the mat gets dirty or starts slipping down because of accumulation of dust on or under it, simply wash with it with water and reuse. 

2. Stainless Steel Tyre Design Flask quantity

Geek Monkey offers you yet another unusual gift piece for your freaky friend, who is always on the run. The tire flask is purposefully created for passionate drivers. This exceptionally designed mug flask made with high-quality food-grade stainless steel is destined to last a lifetime and the mini prototype of real tires expressively casing the container provides it with an intentional look and insulates as well with an amazing temperature holding capacity. The flask is a utility item and an ideal companion for a daily binge. Quench his desire, quench his thirst and surprise your dear friend who enjoys hitting the roads more often, with this quirky gift. Order now before the stock dries up.

3. Cupid Wall Lamp | Gifts of Love | Serene Love 

Nothing equates with the surprise element. Go ahead and surprise your friend this international friendship day with this ergonomically designed Cupid Wall Lamp. The Lamp speaks out aptly of its simplicity and uniqueness. Simplicity always trends and so does this magical lamp with its discrete design and captivating impression. This gift of love is a hand-picked memento exclusively for the lovers of style and class makes it a much sought after item and a reason to make someone feel very special. Go ahead and add pleasure to the occasion, cement your relationship with your dear friend with this ambient present.

Hang it on the wall, add elegance to the surroundings while the cute angel plays music on the violin and light up the atmosphere with its warm white light.

4. Customized Pencil Sketch

If you are desirous of gifting special memories to your friend(s) this international friendship day but are unaware of a suitable gift on the occasion, do not worry. We at Geek Monkey understand your aspirations and concerns. Your yearning for an element of expression towards your friend is skillfully incorporated in this exclusive souvenir, the customized photo to a pencil sketch. Your photo memory with your friend in this gift of yours, will not only be appreciated but will also be cherished forever by your friend. Just send your memorable picture with your friend to be sketched and get ready to be remembered for life. 

5. Little Deadpool BobbleHead

If your friend isn’t crazy, is not demented, make him one. Insanity is the basis of friendship; the passion and madness contribute to better bonding between friends. So go ahead strengthen your relations with your friend, gift him/her this crazy guy called ‘Deadpool’. Deadpool is the new definition of friendship, a true symbol of a crazy living being. This superhero, next door guy, is just the right memento to gift to your dearest friend. After all, friends are to freak out with, and the crazier the better.

The Little Deadpool Bobblehead is bound to remind you and your friend of all the idiotic and stupid moments you have enjoyed together. Explore your newly acquired insane limits, be a Deadpool. And what better way than this piece of an unsettling guy on your/your friend’s car dashboard.

Moreover, if you want to present the gift with a hint of surprise, check some of the videos on Youtube to learn basic surprising plans you can adhere to.