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Ways to Celebrate Earth Day During Lockdown

Earth Day is commemorated each year on April 22 as the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement that began in the year 1970. As we prepare to mark 50 years of Earth Day in 2020, we know that this time around it is not going to be the same. While most of the world is in quarantine, celebration is definitely not on our minds right now. But the fact that the earth has healed a lot ever since the lockdown has begun, gives us a reason to see the positive side of even in these tough times.

So, this year, we can celebrate Earth Day in our own little ways while we are locked in our houses for another few weeks and fighting this pandemic together. Here are a few ways in which you can observe Earth Day during lockdown:

Plant a Sapling

plant saplings - Earth Day 2020


While the earth is healing on its own pace, we can do our bit and accelerate this process by planting a few saplings in our own garden. We understand that finding seeds at this time can be quite difficult, but that should not stop you observing the Earth Day. You can simply obtain seeds from the veggies you already have in your kitchen and plant them in a planter. This way, you can plant more than a few saplings without any hassle and make your own kitchen garden. On the other hand, a few weeks from now, you can enjoy some home-grown fresh veggies that you do not have to sanitize before you cook them. Now that’s a win-win situation!

Save Electricity

Save electricity

Another way to observer this special day is by preserving electricity. As our Prime Minister – Narendra Modi advised us all to shut down all our lights for nine minutes, you can do that again on this day and save an enormous amount of energy that could be used by others for better purposes. You can turn off your lights, air conditioners, televisions, fans, and coolers for a few minutes this Earth Day. You can either light up a candle or a diya to observe this day or even sit in your garden or balcony for a few moments to understand how much this day means to each and everyone of use.

Save Water

Save water

We know that this is the time when you should wash your hands consistently. But that does not give you the leverage to waste water. While you are washing your hands, you should not keep the tap water running. Same goes when you are washing the dishes and mopping the floor. And not only this Earth Day, but it should be our responsibility to conserve these natural resources and make the maximum use out of them at all times Also, you can recycle the water that your water purifier discards as waste. You can use this water for cleaning, mopping and even watering the plants.

Say No to Plastic

Say no to plastic

Now that the earth is in a much better state, we would want it to stay the way it is on Earth Day. So rather than creating more waste, we should try and limit it. And to make it even better, we should eliminate plastic from our lives as much as possible. This can be done in many ways. While you go to your nearest market to shop all the essential stuff, you should carry a big paper bag with you. This way you can easily ask the shopkeeper to avoid the polybags. Polythene bags can create an unnecessary burden on mother nature in the years to come. You should also get recyclable or reusable packages products.

Also, we understand that at times like these, saying no to plastic can be a little difficult as most of the products are limited in stock. You usually don’t get a variety of products to choose from and pick the one that is the most environment-friendly. Thus, it is advised that you dispose biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste separately that will make the recycling easier.

These were some of the ways in which you can celebrate Earth Day this year and hope for a much better and positive one for the year to come. We are all in this together and shall emerge stronger than ever once these tough times are over. Comment down below if you have some fun and innovative ways to observe this Earth day.