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Top Creative Gifts for Men And Women

In recent years, people have started to change the definition and concepts of gifting. In such a process, creativity can play a significant role. Since stock gifts and standard ways of selecting a gift is getting a bit old, it is considered to be a viable option to go for the creative side. One has to think of top creative gifts.

Well, you are in the right place. That’s because we at Geek Monkey help you in providing valuable experiences with a variety of gifting options. Let us do a quick rundown of some of the creative options for your loved ones.

1. Soccer Players Bobble Head

It is undoubtedly the most adorable options under creative gifts for the ones who love football. Opting for veteran players among so many might be a difficult task for a football lover, but we made it easier for you. Seeing your favorite stars head-banging in front of you would make any football fan jump with excitement and joy. 

Its primary purpose is to use it as a car decor, but you can also use it as a showpiece in your drawing room, bedroom, and use this bobblehead as a playable toy for the kids. It has several options in terms of players like Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar Jr., and much more. Each bobblehead has a tray at the bottom that also functions as a phone holder.

This is one of the top creative gifts that will surely make your loved ones jump and might even make their day a bit more memorable.

2. Guitar Handle Mug

A guitar handle mug is a perfect gift for the musicians in your family and friend circle. The uniqueness of the mug is that it has been made with creativity. It is a 3D mug that has a handle with a guitar shape. 

You can also drink beverages from it, it’s eco-friendly, and is made up of ceramic material. The mug can be used as a showpiece or for decoration purposes. This type of gift will always be remembered for its uniqueness. Gifting such a mug will surely make the birthday a memorable experience for your loved ones. 

So now you know what to buy for your guitar enthusiasts and how to make them happy. Isn’t it? A guitar mug is for men, but you can choose one such unique gift that your sister, girlfriend, or your wife would love.

3. Headset Switch Sticker

This sticker as a gift can create a mark by someone who loves small and attractive souvenirs. The sticker indicates a quote shown as “Music is My Life”. If you stick it on any of your gadgets, it will surely uplift its appearance. This sticker perfectly reflects and portrays what you own within.

It’s from the “Little Birdie” brand. You can stick it on your laptop, walls, fridge, cupboard, etc. It has a package size reflecting 30cm x 20cm x 10cm. Also, the package contains only two of the stickers. 

Such top creative gifts can change anyone’s opinion and make them fall in love with music. You can also check our list of birthday gifts to get a better idea of what all options we house at Geek Monkey.

4. Mini-Cart shaped Card holder

Seeing such creative gifts, did you ever give a thought of presenting it to someone messy? This small cart shaped holder creates a considerable impact in the office or at home concerning cleanliness and neatness. The best thing about this eye-catching Mini Shopping Cart is that it can be placed anywhere you want. 

The cardholder is made up of a steel body that ensures durability and can withstand the test of time. It also has a mini compartment for keeping pens or sticky pads, so that you’re equipped with more than one thing at the same time. When you want to write something down, pull a paper and a pen from the cart to take a quick note. 

You can buy it in any color for your loved ones. You mustn’t miss out on such top creative gifts.  

5. Mosaic Photo-Frame

This photo frame can provide you with a lot of space for pictures and are even aligned to create a big canvas that can accommodate small pictures. Every memory can be collected at the same place to cherish each moment of your life. This Mosaic Frame is a tribute to your feelings that you adhere to for the loved ones. 

It has some features like the square frame looks beautiful and adorns your walls perfectly, it accommodates around 20-30 pictures, a structure with all your favorite photos, has Satin Silk Paper, wooden back, and PVC frame material.

So hurry up and choose one of these creative gifts for your loved ones. But if you are looking to take your loved one out for a movie, book the tickets for the movie you both can enjoy.

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