Best Quirky Gifts for Your Loved Ones

Cliché is boring. Seeing a box of gifts all wrapped up and knowing what it might have inside brings down the excitement. So, thinking out of the box is the new cool, and for that, you need to start thinking of some quirky gift ideas.

Being different and gifting something unique to a person for their special day makes your gift serve the purpose, i.e., bringing happiness to the person’s face. So, here are some of the best quirky gifts that your loved ones will cherish.

1. Classic Electric Grenade

As we know about the Great History of World War, there was one of the famous weapons, which was used in the war to eliminate enemies. It was known as the “Hand Grenade” that was from the M26 series. With such significance, don’t you think this is one of the vintage ideas to think about? 

This gift might help you in gaining knowledge and interest in understanding wars. This Electric Grenade, however, is also rechargeable and has a long-lasting battery. 

It has several features, which describe it correctly like it was known as the dominant weapon after World War II, has a sliding top to reveal the light, and includes a USB charge point.

You can buy this quirky gift for your loved ones and make their day special. You can also look for more gifts for men.

2. Smiley Shaped Plush Slippers

Whenever you wake up every morning, you wake up in a different mood and search for your slippers while getting up from the bed. These slippers in such a moment will surely lighten up your mood with such adorable looks and cute faces at the back of it.

These are the most comforting slippers you can ever wear in winters. It has a yellow color to brighten up your morning and the rest of the day, as a matter of fact. Moreover, they are available in many emoji shapes and can fit every occasion when it comes to good looks. 

Several features are there like they are covered at the bottom with anti-skid sole for preventing them from slipping, are wear-resistant, have a universal size that fits both kids and adults. Moreover, the material is soft, comfortable, warm, and cozy. Although the base color is only available in yellow.

Gifting this quirky gift will surely make the day special for your loved ones. 

3. Astronaut Phone Holder

As we all know, most of us are phone addicts. Here is a gift for your loved ones that they will appreciate and cherish at the same time. This phone holder looks like a small astronaut carrying your phone on its back, which is adorable to start with. Little things make everyone happy, as you know. 

Its specialty is that it is made with the material called “polyresin”, holds the gadget in both vertical and horizontal positions, and also looks cool without the phone in appearance. You can give it to your friends, whoever is a space nerd. It could be an excellent gift for someone for whom a phone acts as oxygen. It can also be used as a showpiece.

You can gift this to your friends. Moreover, know that every space nerd would love to have this as one of the best quirky gifts. If your boyfriend wants something else, why shy away from buying something for your boyfriend.

4. Superman – Silicon Earphone Pouch

People who are phone addicts, this pouch could be a perfect one to present. Small things matter and make people happy. You can put little items like coins, earphones, charger’s adapter and charging wire, and much more in it. Being one of the best quirky gifts, this keychain has been attached to it so that it can’t be misplaced and carries along at all times. 

It has several features and is made up of PU leather. It’s EVA crush resistant, waterproof, dust-proof, easy to clean, and much more. It has soft interior lining cloth and a mesh pocket inside. It also has a pocket-friendly size. Looks cooler because of the Superman’s Logo, which has been printed outside the cover. 

People love such pocket-friendly quirky gifts, so better hurry to buy this for your loved ones.   

5. Soccer Cereal Bowl

Waking up in the morning and having your meal in this soccer bowl will surely make the food a child’s play and much more enjoyable. Almost every kid in today’s age is a football fan, so it could act as one of the best quirky gifts for them to enhance their way of eating and loving football even more.

This bowl is extraordinary in terms of making it all fun for kids while having their food or cereals. It’s much fun when you shoot your corn into the bowl as it comes out to be a goal. It has a capacity of 400ml, is dishwasher-safe, and has a height of 11 cm. The height makes it fit anywhere in your kitchen shelf. 

Gift this quirky gift to special ones who love football and the ones who are building their love for the sport. Also, movie tickets never get old, so you can book movie tickets as well for a quirky movie.

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