Gifts for all your Boozehound Friends

Gifts for all your Boozehound Friends

Gifts for all your Boozehound Friends

Everyone has friends who are absolute boozehounds, who appreciate alcohol in all shapes and sizes. Though the simplest gift for such friends is a bottle of their favorite drink, special occasions call for you to move away from the regular gifts and send something thoughtful. Keeping your best friend’s interests in mind, we have compiled a list of some best gift ideas.

1. Geeky Wine Stopper

This silicone made, spectacle shaped wine stopper also makes for a perfect gift for her – this freshness preserving solution is cute and helpful. Gift this as a symbolic gesture of your never- changing relation to convey that the stopper will make sure their last drink tastes as good as their first one.


2. Whiskey Stones

Watery drinks are a complete turn off at any occasion. Just switch to whiskey stones instead. The gift comes with 8 stones, a small tong packed in a nice plastic box, which makes it easy to carry. This is another gift for people whom you just cannot bear to have anything less than the best.

whiskey stones

3. Portable Flasks

Perfect gift for alcohol lovers – whether you are looking for a gift for him or gift for her, these flasks are just perfect. With a leather cover enhancing the look, the steel body is perfect to maintain the freshness of the contents within. The flask comes with a screwable attached top which cannot be lost.

whiskey flask gift

4. Wine Decanter/Dispenser

Just opt for the very dangerous looking yet delicate wine decanter as gift for her, if she is both a wine lover and appreciates a piece of art. The globe wine dispenser is apt for someone who loves to travel around the world and is a wine lover at the same time.

5. Socks

Gifting socks to booze lovers, sounds weird? Not if the socks are tastefully designed to explain their bossy nature and love for wine. The pretty socks come with quote at the bottom – “If you can read this, bring me a glass of wine”. Let love, laughter and wine flow.


6. Champagne Foil Balloon

If you are celebrating an occasion that calls for champagne, the decor must reflect the mood. To celebrate such occasions, we bring you the tallest champagne bottle and flute you’ve ever seen. Just blow in some air and see the pop of colors to decorate your room. Get creative with it.


foil balloon

7. Shot Glasses

Gift her the ultimate bar accessory that you both can go crazy with together. These skull shaped shot glasses would give a dramatic effect to your bar and make your party nights a little crazier.

shot glasses

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