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Budget Friendly Women’s Day Gift Ideas

Budget Friendly Women’s Day Gift Ideas

International Women’s Day is March 8. This day is all about celebrating the beauty and glory of womanhood. The pretty ladies in our lives deserve an applause for all that they do from not only the opposite gender but also from within the circle. We ladies deserve a pat on our backs for being us, for handling every chaos in our lives with poise.

The best gift to give to the women in your lives is gratitude, just say thank you for being there. Despite of this being the most budget-friendly way to celebrate the day, you might not want everyone to know you are broke 😊

So, let’s get digging further to find some of the budget friendly ideas for women’s day (under Rs. 1000).


  1. Flowers – A delicate, refreshing and most suited gift for women’s day, is a flower. However, it is the most common gift and could easily be perceived as the least amount of thought put into buying a gift. But do not ditch that idea soon.

We found some innovative gifting options on in the plant’s genre. You may opt for Magic Seeds, Wall- Hanging Flower Pots or Paper Soap Flowers and up your gifting game.


  1. Gift a Hobby

    – She takes care of the house, the office, the friends and relatives perfectly. But does she get enough time to take care of herself?

Time to gift her a hobby, something that would take her back to being herself. A hobby like painting, or football would take her mind off worldly tasks and help her rejuvenate.


  1. Handmade Goodness – Handmade gifts are the best – they indicate that you have invested time, which is far more precious than everything else. Take inspiration from GeekMonkey’ s personalized gifts section and sit down to make the perfect gift to save all that moolah.

If you have two left limbs when it comes to crafting, head straight to the website and place an order. After all, it’s the thought that counts!😉

  1. Memories Collection

    – To tell her how much you cherish each moment that you spend with her, collect some polaroid shots, print them and arrange them on a beautiful empty frame. Add some twinkling lights and voila! An inexpensive yet mesmerizing gift is ready. A quick fix that would give you the same effect is clips with led lights. GeekMonkey is all about making gifting the last of your worries 😊


  1. Night Lamp

    – Think how she lights up that room just by walking into it? Gift her a beautiful night lamp which is both fun to have and brightens up the room just like her. Look up a beautiful collection of tablelamps on GeekMonkey and be gift ready.


  1. A Mug for every Mood

    – Women come in all shapes, sizes and moods. Some are fashionistas who would not leave their rooms without makeup. Some are hoarders who collect all the pretty and cute stuff they can lay their eyes on. Then there are some who are just insta-crazy and do not miss a chance to add to their collection of their polaroid.

Whatever be the little things that brightens up her face like a thousand fairy lights, you may look in the mug collection by GeekMonkey. There is one for all.


  1. Fashion Jewellery

    – Every lady deserves a sparkle in her life, something that would bling through the day and a reminder of how much she is valued in the lives of those around her. You can find all sorts of jewellery items on GeekMonkey. There are some pieces that really stood out for like the Sparrow on a twig ring. This ring represents someone who is fragile but determined to soar high. The ring is also adjustable to fit all sizes. Is there any quality in this ring that does not match with your lady??


There are a lot of other gifts on the website that you may like but these are a few that stood out for the occasion. The website gives you a competitive price and a user-friendly return and replace policy. With International Women’s Day just around the corner, just get down to making a list of everyone you need to thank this year. Let GeekMonkey take care of sending them the gifts perfectly chosen by you.

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